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  1. PLEASE stop messing with my favorite weapon. Please no more. First, Lenz cannot mutate rifle ammo,now this.
  2. There is a bug related to the codex entries of Silver Grove specters. When trying to access them, they don't load up, and when trying to leave codex by pressing esc, the game is stuck in a loading screen. There also seems to be a bug with ivara's Prowl ability while throwing baits and dyes. She decloaks as if the action was noisy, but nothing like that used to happen previously.
  3. This is another bug I picked up while playing with Lenz. This bow cannot transmute rifle ammo pickups to bow ammo (as it is supposed to). All other ammo mutations (pistol to bow, and shotgun to bow) work just fine. Also, there is an issue with the nikana type Sephfan zaws. Sometimes the zaw is missing and sometimes the scabbard. Also, there is dual image of zaw scabbard in arsenal. Please be kind enough to take a look in it.
  4. Well, this is a bug which i found out with Nova's anti-matter drop. When anti matter drop is used, it is supposed to travel a distance following the aiming reticule, and detonate after attaching itself to a ally, enemy or surface; but now, it just stays fixed in the place where nova releases it, making it useless.
  5. DE, found a bug when equipping Kronen Prime with Equinox Prime day form.See for yourself. Also highlighted is a bug when using Carrier. https://imgur.com/o0C1Ptz ^This is the bug while holstering Kronen Prime (1) and Carrier giving additional ammo (more than meant to be given) (2). https://imgur.com/hCORa2s ^The same problem does not appear with night form. and if anyone is thinking that it happened only once, then I did a mission on E Prime, Earth (to cross check) https://imgur.com/w4AWRqC Please fix this, because i love Kronen and i like Equinox
  6. It was never about surviving with tanks any way. Yes, I have survived with a 300 health nova, but the point is: Nova skipped the first boring laborious dialogue filled phase entirely, which was good considering how low the drop chances are for the Freezing Step and Shocking Step Ephemera (3% each). This made the fight at least bearable so that it can be re run again and again from the vallis, but now, I don't think its even worth it. Sure, don't give us a boss that can be one shot, but at least allow us to 'skip' boring repetitive phases of the fight which serve no real purpose other than introducing the boss. I have done 50+ runs, only got Freezing step ephemera, not the other one.So at least buff up the drop chances if all the vents need to be taken out at once. I consider this 'fix' as a creative limitation of DE which they want to force on players.
  7. Good job fixing the nuking part of exploiter, taking away the only thing that sped up the laborious and boring fight of exploiter orb which has such a low drop chance of ephemeras. BOOOOOO👎👎👎
  8. Hildryn feels like she was nerfed from the release itself. Can she get a few buffs so that she can deal some real damage to enemies instead of just draining the hell out of her shields for some mediocre amount of damage that cant even proc the element it uses for damage?
  9. I think there is a bug with Nyx's first ability. When used on a melee enemy, it works perfectly, but when used on any other enemy, they stop moving and shooting. DE, please fix this
  10. Guys, did anyone else notice that the animation for Sybaris Prime and Akbolto pPrime are messed up at the momnet? (Firing animations, not roload)
  11. I can still cause increase in miasma's damage by ripping enemy armor using spores and not need any damage multiplier. This small 'bug fix' will end up forcing many players to change their play style. Think about it, u perfect a build around a bug, the bug remains for a year then poof, DE decides to 'fix' the bug. How much credits and endo do you think its worth? Especially since the usage of bug required mods like Blind Rage on ranks 7 and above. (If you use umbrals at rank 8; they r not cheap as well to send them to that levels). Also please consider that this is mostly a PvE game, so if enemies scale faster on higher mission levels, why not give tenno a tool good enough to hammer those enemies. Saryn with that bug was the hammer used to beat those tough nails into shape. Multiple targets in a wide area, no problem. High level enemies, rip armor using 1 then kill using 4, problem solved. This was what Saryn used to stand for. (at least for me). And as for team play, I used to depend on my mates to watch my back while Saryn regenerates energy. If u say it was for multiplayer balancing, there are 2 points: First, not many players play conclave. Second, already the frames follow a different set of stats there and normal mods don't apply there. I never said that it was a total nerf. DE nerfed one ability, buffed other. But the usage of this might (mostly) require new expensive builds, meaning more grind into a already a game which focuses heavily on grind. Also, this bug fix FORCES the players to use saryn's 4th with 1st for maximum damage output. I appreciate DE's efforts to remove all the bugs, but a bug which essentially used up a lot of endo and credits and whose fix will end up forcing players to change the play style, that's a big NO. What i would like to suggest is to increase the miasma's damage output to pre-bug fix levels and decrease the damage multiplier caused by spores. This would allow players to experience Saryn in way which has synergy and at the same time, allows the abilities to work in isolation to other abilities as well. Also, it keeps the end damage output same, so no player can say that Saryn is OP.
  12. That is called dependence of one ability on other, not synergy.Synergry would mean that both abilities are useful on their own but perform better together. Now u NEED to fire her first just to increase her damage output of 4th. I mean seriously?! Its like the stasis ability of Limbo. Useless on its own, useful when mixed with cataclysm and banish.
  13. I have been a heavy Saryn user till now (for focus points farming and Sanctaury Onslaught), but with the new "tweaks" to Saryn, she takes a lot of time to kill enemies, which make her unsuitable for missions where I like to kill enemies fast and in large group. So, can we please get the pre-update Saryn back??
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