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  1. Guys, you buff the frame but don't even want to admit that Yareli's kit is just bad. Let's talk points: First off, tying damage reduction to her skateboard. This is such a bad decision. The issue here simply is two fold. 1) the corridors don't offer enough open space for such a thing to work, and 2) her damage reduction system also means we cannot use primaries or melees while just trying to survive. Aquablades work in a ring, which simply means that any enemy jumping from top or coming inside the radius from bottom will not take any damage. Fall off damage in riptide. The thing here is, the pull speed is quite slow for her riptide, meaning that enemies cannot be even pulled in properly if the range is considerable. This ends up in an issue where only a small fraction of enemies get the maximum damage dealt on them, while others suffer just a slap on the wrist. Please rework the kit of this frame in a way that she can fit in with the current state of game, otherwise she will also be left in the same state as some other frames, like Grendel. My suggestions for a rework: Make aquablade the damage reduction ability. Cut down on its range, or keep it the same I don't mind, and make the damage reduction scale with ability strength, reaching about 90% max damage reduction. Remove Merulina entirely. That ability is totally useless and we can summon a k-drive if we want to in open worlds. If a movement based ability is to be given to Yareli, make it something parkour based, like Valkyr's ripline.
  2. Then what is this? Even the official wiki says : void mode protects from status effects. I clearly remembered entering void mode to bypass magnetic procs, and only getting a visual error when I mistime the exit from void mode and enter the frame. Now, even the magnetic proc is carried over from operator to frame.
  3. Another bug while eidolon hunting. Operator's void mode now DOES NOT PROTECT from the magnetic eidolon proc. Like wow guys, you fix 1 thing after breaking 1000 others.
  4. Still no fix for this, and it looks worse with some other animation sets.
  5. But should DE not fix this bug? I remember them fixing Mesa Prime's ass cheek really fast when they saw how badly it was behaving. And this issue has been persisting for quite some time, not to mention on one of the best deluxe skins, for which we pay in platinum.
  6. Still need a fix to the skin here. I will keep posting this till it is fixed.
  7. Another reminder to the dev team after the tennocon that this skin is still broken. Hoping the earwax they put in their ears has come out enough to address this issue.
  8. This is the summary of this totally subpar update: The lich annoyance is doubled by having us kill the lich twice, second time in railjack just because DE showed us that lich fights will happen in railjack. Another level of RNG introduced by having tenet weapon 'sisters' which have the same effect as just grinding the boring Granum void again and again. Robot hounds need a new resource which is only available in granum void. Very easily it can be seen as an attempt to make us play game modes which were no fun, just to buy time for DE. A sub par frame Yareli, which cannot even kill sortie enemies properly, or provide support. She has just the god damn skateboard as a damage reduction ability, which is extremely bad to use in the tight maps that the game generates, not to mention each map has crates and barrels which can easily stop the board. Same issue as Gauss' mach rush. It is as if DE just tests frames in open world areas, and if a frame works there against level 1 enemies there, they just ship the update out. Instead of buffing the baseline mods of primary and secondary, the 'buffs' we get are band-aid 'galvanised mods' and arcanes. Again, easy to see that DE just wants to force us to play non-fun game modes. Steel path is not fun, its a boring grind. It gives the same amount of credits, relics and materials as a normal node. I can deal with bugs, not this. EDIT # 1 So this is regarding the new 'tenet' weapons of SoP. I simply believe that DE is just trying to target 2 categories of players here: braindeads and newbies. Here are my reasons for it: 4 out of 8 new weapons have some sort of AoE ability, either a alt fire grenade, enemy chaining, AoE blast on impact or shot ricochet. Meaning that players can just blindly aim anywhere and still get the kill. Tenet Diplos and Tenet Envoy have their alt fire homing ability on zoom. Meaning players are either so dumb or don't even care about checking controls that DE has to put the alt fire on zoom, instead of the standard MMB. The only weapon which rewards accurate shots this update, the Tenet Spirex has a low rate of fire, but guess what? Its an AoE. My simple point is that the AoE weapons are already broken because there is a minimal penalty to firing them close to our own feet. Since these weapons can clear large areas, they will be preferred over something like Tiberon prime (for example). Then DE cries foul over the fact that people re not using their older guns. The fault is in their own system. They are trying to please newbies and brain deads so that they can get more players in their game. This will just keep numbers up on paper, but not give them a stable community.
  9. This skin is still not fixed. You guys fix up Mesa Prime's butt damn fast. Why not this?
  10. FFS DE, Can you do anything right? What we wanted was a simple primary and secondary buff. We were enjoying our melees, but just wanted primaries and secondaries to be useful enough to be considered an option. WHAT YOU GAVE US? THIS: Condition overload: from 120% damage per status type to 80% damage Berserker to Berserk fury : 35% attack speed buff, stacking twice ON BLOODY MELEE KILL. considering how some of the best melees are slow af, now its time to just shove them in graveyard, isn't it? Blood Rush : 40% cc gain per combo multiplier, from 60% cc gain. Like, can we ever get an enjoyable buff which DOES NOT KILL ANYTHING ELSE WHICH IS FUN? EDIT # 1 : So about the 'buffs' given to primaries and secondaries. ARE YOU #*!%ING SERIOUS? ARCANES? THAT IS YOUR SOLUTION INSTEAD OF BUFFING THE BASELINE MODS WE HAVE BEEN USING FOR LIKE 3+YEARS?. Here are the issues with this bloody system: First off, the whole system is pushing players to do steel path, even those who do not enjoy it. Arcanes dropping off from acolytes, forcing players to play steel path survivals if they want the arcanes fast. Biggest issue, Primaries are already struggling to kill enemies, and you tie the god damn arcane to a kill?!! EDIT # 2 : This is regarding the 'galvanised mods' which were so hyped about. Checking those mods, they face the same #*!%ing problem. Primaries and secondaries cannot kill in high level, and all the boost conditions are 'ON KILL'. Like, you guys say caring about player feedback, but at this points its all just a total lackluster update set. This is regarding the damage reduction system. So you want to change the damage reduction system just because a player found bug in your system. So instead of fixing the bug which is your bloody job, you just hide behind the beta, and give us a more complicated S#&$ ass system. You guys already break your game with updates bringing huge bugs, new configs which you have not tested for, and when the powerful setups are found, you nerf them. Is that you really listening to players?
  11. Still broken, not fixed. Just fix this bug already.
  12. Err the issue is with the weapon akjaGARA also having the keyword.
  13. I am gonna keep posting about this bug till you #*!%ing fix it DE. HOW COME MESA PRIME'S BUTT GETS A QUICK FIX BUT THIS PROBLEM ON THE SKIN DOES NOT?
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