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  1. Can we please fix this? The bonus display color changes with Protea's energy color, and yes, it includes the text telling us when the buff is active.
  2. TYPE: Player HUD/QoL DESCRIPTION: Text of Protea's bonus meter and progress bar changes color with main energy color VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just swap the default energy color to some dark colors EXPECTED RESULT: The text and progress bar should not change color, and stay visible seeing as how many areas in many maps are dark OBSERVED RESULT: The text and progress bar of Protea's bonus/passive changes color REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  3. With the new hotfix comes the infinite load issue, where we are stuck in infinite loading screen when going from railjack to dry dock. Can DE actually fix one thing without breaking another PLEASE?
  4. The thing is, rivens should be a power-kick for your weapon, not a bread and butter solution to make your favorite but weak weapons to actually be competent against really powerful weapons. This is what makes then a pain in the ass to acquire, and makes a huge mess when such a change occurs. My opinion here would be to have a upgrade system to weapon's stats, like, use extra ferrite to boost damage, extra rubedo to boost fall off, then use mods for changing functionality.Not only will this give old vets a resource sink, but will also give weaker weapons a reason to be upgraded and used. And THEN if you want the weapon to go over the edge, use a riven. IN this system, there should be no room for riven dispositions as well.
  5. Again another 'rebalance' of a broken system. When will DE realize that even 10% boost on a meta weapon dealing 1000 base damage is 100 additional damage, while 1000% boost on a low end 10 damage weapon is 1000?. Why not convert all the rivens from a percentage based system, to something like they did on Primed Reach ? With the new system of how range is absolute, it actually allows low range weapons to be used, unlike the previous percentage based system. This will also allow easier balancing of rivens, just because the buff is directly controlled instead of being given in percentages. There is my riven of a 5 dot disposition Twin vipers My total damage per shot = 1099.9, assuming all shots from multishot land. Here is my Pyrana Prime: Damage per shot = 6021.1, again assuming all pellets land. All the damage numbers are before taking into account critical multipliers, body damage boosts and fire rate boosts. Now if both weapons are fired point blank, Pyrana out classes Twin Vipers easily Assumption: Body shot multiplier set at 1, all shots land on target, and each hit is a critical hit. Twin vipers calculation: 40 rounds per magazine * 1099.9 * 4.2 (crit multiplier) = 184,783.2 Pyrana Prime calculation: 12 rounds per magazine * 6021.1 * 4.6 (crit mupltiplier) = 332,359.2. (This number is without the gimmick being even active) 24 rounds per magazine * 6021.1 * 4.6 (crit mupltiplier) = 664,718. (This number is with the gimmick being active) Damage difference per clip = 147,576 (without gimmick) Damage difference per clip = 479,935 (with gimmick) Damage difference per shot = 23,080.42 DPS on max fire rate , including weapon gimmicks: Twin Vipers : 184783.2 (as fire rate is 40, and so is clip size, so the whole 40 bullets are used in a second) Pyrana Prime : 6021.1 * 4.6 * 8.96 =248,165.6576 (Pyrana Prime's fire rate buff of 40% included) This is a really rough calculation, but still shows how much difference exists between a low level weapon with top tier riven, and a top tier weapon with no riven. For more detailed calculation, I am using warframe-builder.com, posting images here: Now, when everything is taken into account, like reload speed , we can see that Twin vipers barely beat Pyrana prime by a measly 6000~ damage in sustained DPS, but gets outclassed again in burst DPS by Pyaran by ~14000 damage. And this is when my Pyrana doesn't even have a riven. (Also, just realized that warframe-builder.com didn't take into account the increase in fire rate of Pyrana Prime when gimmick activates.) If DE still cannot see what is broken with their system, I don't know what can be done to make them see it.
  6. Wow, cutting down the 24 hr wait time to 23 hrs. Nice change Slow claps. 😑
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