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  1. Ah yes, allow the fire rate to change the charge rate in normal weapons, but make a S#&$ty mod for it in archgun. Like seriously, can we not have one integrated system for weapons or confusing mods just for once?
  2. Guys, will you ever fix my favorite archgun Velocitus? The fire rate increment does nothing to the charge rate of the weapon, it just increases the fire rate (For any dummy out there, velocitus is charge based, like a bow). Please fix this bug asap.
  3. Guys, the archgun fire rate mods are still not affecting the velocitus charge rate. Please fix this.
  4. In-game bug with Velocitus: Buffing the fire rate of Velocitus is not affecting its fire rate. Can we please get a fix for this? It shows the change in fire rate but not charge rate. How is fire rate changed but not the charge rate?
  5. Actually, now 3 frames dont have a base aura polarity. Nekros, Excalibur and Sevagoth all have missing aura polarity.
  6. Time for feedback referring to several issues with current Sevagoth. Movement and Parkour speed: Sevagoth has a sprint speed of 0.95. Frost prime also shares the same sprint speed, but is a lot faster than Sevagoth. Also, the bullet jumps with Sevagoth feel like he is debuffed with a cold proc all the time. Survivability: Sevagoth's base armor is 110, compared to his shadow's base armor of 450. This is usually not an issue with frames that can kill surrounding enemies fast, or can heal up pretty fast. Sevagoth can do none. His 3rd ability has a very low life steal for the amount
  7. The new relic opening system is just.........BS. The reason: enemies affected in crewships, meaning we have to go in the ships and kill. How does it affect? if someone blows up the crewship, the reactants in the ship are lost to others. If the main objective is completed, no more enemies spawn inside the objective. Again, puts a big stop to reactant collection. 10% drop rate of parts in a long haul mission, where each mission is about 24min in grineer proximas just becasue we cannot you FA to deal with crewships. Simple solution: Make reactant a common resourc
  8. It is still a bugged skin. Equip any bow to find out
  9. Err..... mirage deluxe was promised this update. And doesnt Ember already has a deluxe?
  10. Guys, the new Mirage skin is bugged when using bows. gets stuck in the last walking/sprinting frame used when the controls are released. How to replicate: just equip a bow.
  11. Any idea if Mirage Deluxe will be in the bundle as well?
  12. Guys, a bug with the newest hotfix. Can you see what is wrong? https://imgur.com/a/1alvUSs If you cannot, the sword and shield skin (from the dryad deluxe) is bugged, with shield skin rotated 180 degrees in such a way that the arm mounting points can be seen. Also, the bug does not stop till there. This bug exists for ALL sword and shield class of weapon, skin or no skin.
  13. Another bug discovered while doing the nightwave animal capture challenge. Somehow, tranquilizer rifle cannot use Kubrowdon Echo lure, and that item has to be loaded into the gear seperately.
  14. Hey DE can you ever release an update that is not bugged or messed up in some way? The things that are totally messed up with current railjack system: No shooting while drifting in railjack. This piloting style was useful for taking out ramsledges pretty easily instead of relying on missiles. Linking the energy pool of a warframe to the casting ability of railjack. Did you guys forget that frames like Inaros and Nidus exist? cuz they hardly use any builds needing energy pool mods like flow Changing the health, armor and shield value of railjack based on the mods you appl
  15. Guys, can we get a fix for Balefire Surge augment mod for Hildryn? It sometimes works perfectly while other times, it just sits consuming a mod slot. As the mod description does not mention enemy types when hitting an enemy, it should work on grineer and infested, but it does not. It also bugs out on hitting corpus enemies.
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