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  1. DE, please at least do not DO NOT DESTROY CLAN DOJO MAKING SYSTEM. Currently, to make the clan greater hall ( the hall needed to make other bigger halls) the requirement is of a GREAT HALL, which is NOT AVAILABLE in the build menu. So the only way to actually expand the build limits of the dojo remaining to us players is using inspiration halls, which do not allow the upgrade to higher halls. PLEASE, DO NOT BREAK THIS SORT OF SIMPLE SYSTEM WHILE FIXING OTHERS
  2. Better send a ticket, as sometimes these forum threads are not followed after for a long time due to high workload.
  3. Can we please fix this? The bonus display color changes with Protea's energy color, and yes, it includes the text telling us when the buff is active.
  4. TYPE: Player HUD/QoL DESCRIPTION: Text of Protea's bonus meter and progress bar changes color with main energy color VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just swap the default energy color to some dark colors EXPECTED RESULT: The text and progress bar should not change color, and stay visible seeing as how many areas in many maps are dark OBSERVED RESULT: The text and progress bar of Protea's bonus/passive changes color REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  5. With the new hotfix comes the infinite load issue, where we are stuck in infinite loading screen when going from railjack to dry dock. Can DE actually fix one thing without breaking another PLEASE?
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