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  1. 0 KLs under my belt, and I'm already at a "Strong No." Most of it I can deal with, but the relic/mod farming is no bueno.
  2. ...sssssssssoooo... Can we talk about the drop rates on these blueprints? 'cause we really need to talk about the drop rates on these blueprints. <_<
  3. Just had this happen in one of the new Grineer galleon (vs Infested) Disruption missions. Early on into the match (round 2 or 3 ish) it kicked in. Warframe abilities unusable, unable to use Transferrence, and - fascinatingly enough - I couldn't use melee attacks (not even airborne-ground slams worked). Managed to blast my way to round 9 with guns only. Lobbed myself into numerous pits, but it didn't reset. When it happens during Eidolon hunts, I usually either jump into water, or mount-then-dismount either Archwing or K-Drive. If one doesn't work, the other usually does. Dying is a last resort, but that's risky, given the prevalence of the issue, and the limited number of respawns. Trying /unstuck has never fixed this issue. I think we need a new sort of "force respawn" command - just completely reset our Warframe's state (with the obvious exceptions of health, shields, energy and ammo).
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