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  1. I hope this provides more clarity. I absolutely love playing Nekros in index ( or just about any content ). I am use to this issue where the orb spawn becomes exclusively health orbs and/or (then) the 'orb spawner' do not spawn anything by Round 2. I was sure this is due to Nekros desecrating and spawning health orbs. However, as this issue is never fixed. I tried thinking outside the box and maybe there are ways to prevent this from happening. So I tried - toggle Desecrate - ok it helps but this is not sustainable because I need those orbs to keep optimal
  2. Warning: Lengthy post So, last September 2020 before I went on hiatus again as life gets in the way. I thought of raising a ticket for a bug I have been experiencing. Then I got a response after several weeks: (not complaining since it not really that bad) So yeah. Up until a I had the motivation to not give up... I sent them a video showing it's again NOT a corpus. So here I am --- hoping --- for another shot at getting this fixed. Grineer, Infested and Corrupted are getting boring, I want to go to Corpus nodes too 😁
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