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  1. On the latest Devstream we received more details on Kuva Liches. The part that really stuck out to me was converting a Kuva Lich to help you. Judging by how Steve said they "help you when you need it the most" I assume that only means when you go downed there is a chance your Lich comes to revive you like how the Nightwave boys did before they turned evil. I then turned my thoughts to ways to make the system more involved and cooler. Kuva Lich PvP Once you track down and convert your Kuva Lich you gain the ability to invade other players Stalker Style. To initiate an invasion you need to infuse your Lich with a custom amount of your own Kuva, which you lose if your Lich is defeated. If you are successful at killing either one or all players though, you gain a multiplier of the kuva that you infused your Lich with depending on how many of the players you defeat. To be able to invade players you need a converted Lich of course, but having a converted Lich would open you up to these invasions. This allows to players to "opt out" of the system by instead killing liches to farm their weapons. The maximum amount of Kuva you can infuse your Lich with is based on your mastery level. If your Lich dies before killing anyone, the players you invaded get the kuva in you infused your Lich with divided between them, thus a solo defender has a better reason to stay and fight instead of running. As mentioned on the devstream your Lich will have abilities based on the frame you killed it with, allowing you to customize the playstyle of your Lich. Your Lich would not be as mobile as your Warframe of course, but you would have some amount of power regardless. This would give players a repeatable task to do, with risk. Should the kuva gain be better than siphon missions or kuva survival? That is up to the balance team, but pretend that the kuva gain for successful invasions is a perfect number. I want to encourage players to take a risk, but still leave Kuva Survivals as a lower-risk yet viable option for gaining kuva. Many players desire an invasion mechanic, and will often look at the Acolytes. I believe that Kuva Liches are a more customizable and involved way to tackle this system. The Stalker Acolytes are cool, and COULD be expanded on, but I feel that Liches are the right way to go for an invasion mechanic.
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