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  1. They're just unnecessary powercreep now so I'm okay with it. If we wind up needing more sentient-based gear and they become more important I'm sure DE won't keep such a heavy timegate on them(though I'd still expect them to be a pain to get).
  2. If the deluxe is any good, maybe I'll add another digit to my Wukong playtime, instead of .1% it could go up to 1.1%
  3. Iron Staff's block combo fills with me life
  4. Well that's when I shoot them
  5. There we go, now if any psychopath tries to be nice to me they'll only see tennogen in my wishlist
  6. I'm only looking through the Steam browser but it's not on my end Right now I'm just poking at Fortuna to him up anyway
  7. Hm yes yes I see, this is how one mains a Wukong Don't worry even if they worked I wouldn't have most of the requirements, probably
  8. Joke's on them, I had fun hitting things with a big stick. Until the big stick stopped laying the hurt on those things, I'll need to look into that
  9. D-do I be insulted or honored that I've been gifted Wukong
  10. Just in time for me to have already spent all of my spare cash on Steam on the game anyway
  11. I think it'd be much better if Arbitrations required all planets unlocked, and maybe having to have the node cleared to do an alert, instead of just needing it unlocked. A vet having all starchart nodes complete isn't unlikely, but whether or not they're all done doesn't mean someone is qualified(or not) for harder content. I literally walked through all of the nodes on Eris with Gara, why do I have to do lower level missions to get to the good stuff?
  12. I really want to get around to Arbitrations but I have 50+ nodes to work through, feels kinda counter-intuitive
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