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  1. CoolDudeMcCool

    Captured by Zanuka with only 1 Warframe. Results!

    Can you take SUIT into Conclave?
  2. CoolDudeMcCool

    Captured by Zanuka with only 1 Warframe. Results!

    Lowkey wanna try this now
  3. CoolDudeMcCool

    Captured by Zanuka with only 1 Warframe. Results!

    Praise the SUIT
  4. CoolDudeMcCool

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    I'm waiting to play Hildryn, but I have to admit that I'm definitely excited to see what Wisp has in store.
  5. CoolDudeMcCool

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    I'm both excited and baffled by this frame.
  6. CoolDudeMcCool

    vauban needs your help.

    I'm only referring to the idea of a turret. I didn't say anything about being a techy hacker. A turret is the perfect type of fortification for Warframe. It keeps enemies out by killing them or at least distracting them, that sounds fortified to me. Combine it with the traps he already has and Bastille to make sure an area is completely locked down.
  7. CoolDudeMcCool

    vauban needs your help.

    Borderlands... 2 I think? Has a character that does the same. Borderlands 1 even has a turret ability, although that character is a soldier and not an engineer. Overwatch as well. TF2 isn't the only game where a character has a turret, and frankly some sort of drone or a turret is probably the first thing I'd think of too. You can't literally build a fort, but creating a highly fortified area through traps and turrets and what have you is probably the next best thing. (And getting a Nidus, Oberon, and Atlas with his wall augment alongside a turret Vauban would be silly fun imo)
  8. CoolDudeMcCool

    So whats your opineon on ANTHEM?

    My opinion? I got a sniper that shoots exploding bullets and it actually feels like I'm shooting something you should be scared of. On the other hand, melee feels boring and even worse when it's on a cooldown for some of the javelins, just another ability for the most part instead of a real playstyle choice.
  9. CoolDudeMcCool

    Would you like to have a gunlance in this game?

    We have a shotgun gunblade and an automatic gunblade, I'd be down for a single-shot high powered gunblade, although I'd prefer a railgun greatsword.
  10. CoolDudeMcCool

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    I think you can boil most of your issues down to personal preference, except the whole "surprise, you're secretly a kid piloting this genocidal meatsack from light years away!" thing, which you pretty much summed up with "Heck, probably back then the developers themselves thought the tenno was inside the warframe." That could be a result of Warframe being expanded on over the years. Down the road, we might have some lore about Railjack that's tied into the main story. I doubt DE planned that lore out a year or two ago. Personally I think exosuits are cooler, the idea of a character being out there and risking their own life is just more badass than remotely controlling something from inside a safe spaceship, but I don't think the frames are bad or that the lore isn't good. The idea of a badass soldier(exosuit or not) is pretty much the basis for a lot of shooter games. I think it's nice that we're not just gruff dudes, dudes in suits, or gruff dudes in suits, but I can appreciate all three when done well. Warframes aren't as cool in that specific way, but there's still plenty of story potential with the world DE is building. I wouldn't be opposed to Operators being more badass though. I assume a lot of effort into Focus trees might help a lot, but their starting point is so piddly it's saddening and certainly not cool.
  11. CoolDudeMcCool

    Controversial idea here, hear me out

    People want new weapons, new stances, new mods, etc. Just let them use them how they want. Why make a new stance for Atlas when they can make a new stance for everyone? Seriously, what harm is there in letting everyone use everything without penalties? Oh yeah, and either the buffs are irrelevant and nobody cares, or they're OP and people stick to whatever the frame is best with because it's even more powercreep. It's a bad idea that doesn't add anything good(new stances and stuff are good, but the way you want them added isn't).
  12. CoolDudeMcCool

    Rush rates

    Trust me, some people will rush things that really don't need to be rushed, speaking from experience
  13. CoolDudeMcCool

    Why people want more Umbra?

    I want Limbo Umbra with Fedora Umbra and nothing anyone says in this thread will change my mind
  14. CoolDudeMcCool

    Something I'd love to see happen...

    I'm not asking for it or saying I think it'll happen, I'm saying the idea is that both parties would agree to it so there's no legal screwing or lawsuits. I said the idea would be cool, but I don't expect it to ever happen.
  15. CoolDudeMcCool

    Something I'd love to see happen...

    Keep reading the words again. A collaboration would be DE and another company agreeing to all of this, there would be consent from those companies involved.