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  1. Wait months to get the rewards easy, or grind to get the rewards early, even if that's the case that DE wants to make then it's still totally fair. If you're okay waiting months to try stuff out, I wish you luck in the future.
  2. DE should make sure that the alert rewards are easy enough to get for new players and those who need the rewards. Maybe make wolf creds easier to get in some way(and make the price of potatoes a bit higher so nobody can just milk those instead of getting the other alert rewards). They could make sure the slots are in an accessible place too, since new players probably need those more. The alert rewards should be for casuals, the tier rewards should be more geared towards experienced players(only optional stuff obviously, nothing "necessary" for progression).
  3. It is punishing. It discourages you from getting a higher mastery rank because you'll have to wait longer just to craft things. As you do something that should be good, ranking up, something objective bad happens, your build timers go up. For anything like this to happen, it would have to be something like 10 days of quick crafting once you complete the tutorial or something imo. Like a booster, that way it punishes you for not making the most out of your limited advantage, which is a lot more fair than making leveling up detrimental.
  4. That sounds kinda discouraging honestly, it punishes you for going to higher mastery ranks instead of rewarding you
  5. Personally, I was being the map wiper the other day because I was playing around with Mesa Prime and I joined a few alerts like I normally do. I felt bad for not giving others a chance to do anything, but it felt so satisfying to shred large hordes of enemies so effortlessly.
  6. I mean overall, it's probably a good change. Some people might be upset that they put in effort others won't have to, but there's just no way to take back making people go through that grind. Better to improve the situation for everyone that they can instead of leaving it as-is to be fair.
  7. Considering how integral grinding is to Warframe, I think the priorities should be a playable mode > good rewards > fun. Everything should always be functioning, that's a given. But then the rewards should be enticing enough to make people play even if the mode itself isn't appealing to them. That's kinda icky to hear, but at least I think good rewards is a more reliable way to make people do things than trying to make it fun. Considering how many different modes and such there are in the game(even if some of them are just variants/basically the same thing) trying to make something that
  8. I guess that means weapons and frames can never be balanced, because some people bought them. Yes, it's kinda sucky to all of the people who bought expensive Rivens for the latest shiny thing, but they're also the ones flocking to buy the really expensive shiny toy, the sheer fact that Rivens are supposed to be based off of popularity of a weapon shows that you can't assume a Riven will stay the same forever. Balancing Rivens is the right thing to do, because they're not in a good place right now.
  9. Player 1 buys plat and trades it to Player 2. Player 1 gets a charge back, since they don't have the plat, they go into negatives and get banned. Player 2 keeps the plat and abandons his alt, that is, he owns both accounts and keeps the free plat while losing a free account.
  10. Before this discussion continues I'd like to point out that I was joking and referring to triggered as in the internet meme-y definition instead of the actual definition used in-game
  11. But the Isolator wouldn't have been on your tail if the alarm didn't hurt its feelings.
  12. Alarms are the worst. They always trigger Bursas.
  13. Limbo has the rift and Stasis on top of his 65 base armor, the last bit is probably overkill.
  14. Can we stop saying endgame? Let's replace the term with something better, like "Content that I enjoy playing". OP, we can't tell you what your content that [you] enjoy playing is. Maybe it's Sorties. Maybe it's farming for that random thing you don't have or don't have enough of. Maybe it's another game. We can't tell you what you want to play.
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