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  1. Is it Excalibur 2 Prime or Excalibur Prime 2?
  2. The logic is what you just said. They think PvP and PvE are different enough to keep in two almost entirely separate bubbles. Whether that's the right thing to do or not isn't what I'm arguing, but the logic they're following is easy enough to see.
  3. They could change the name too, then it's not universal so it doesn't have to apply to everything.
  4. They gave their reason, they think that PvP stuff shouldn't be something you can complete through PvE. I'm not defending their reason but you're citing other PvE syndicates which doesn't conflict with what they said.
  5. I know, what I'm saying is if they got rid of Limbo's portal on his dash and just let non-Limbos roll to get in and out then I think I'd use him more.
  6. I'd probably use Limbo more often if they just took out the portal on his dash, I love him and I like letting other players enter the rift at their own choosing but it shouldn't be tied to something that gets used so often and in the middle of everything. Heck, just let people do a backflip to get in and out of the rift within a certain range of the Limbo, at least that'd be less inconvenient.
  7. There's a difference between a long grind and a difficult grind, though. Grinding for the Hema in a small clan is just as hard as it is in a large clan, it's just that the large clan takes waaay longer to actually get it done.
  8. I'd love to at least have different Operator personalities and a few more reactions to things. Stuff like Juggernaut roars and mid-mission objective changes would be neat to have a response to, it wouldn't get more stale than what lines we already have for them.
  9. I forgot how much I absolutely hate bugs, thanks for reminding me guys A scorpion frame would be pretty cool though, I bet the tail clipping would be legendary
  10. I've heard people say Khora has some spider themes going on, but if that's true then why isn't Venari a frog hmmm? While we're on the topic of frames that need to exist, I suggest a mighty jerboa frame
  11. Their passive is keeping enemies at least five meters away because eeew
  12. A spider would be great but I'd appreciate a bee frame too
  13. If the Gag frame isn't S&M themed then the Mauss Gag alt helmet sure will be
  14. I play the game, I'm just super casual and stupid
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