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  1. It took me 37 Lich for all weapons through pure RNG, smack bang in the middle of what to expect given the numbers. Have you tried trading?
  2. Double click the relic, no need to click equip
  3. So you are saying you have never met a non toxic player? Wow PS4 must be a nightmare. I have a group I learnt to do Eidolon hunts with, we all started about the same time. It was very simple, if you get on with someone in public, send a friend request (right click, add friend). Then you can invite them to your own hunts when you are online, and they will message you to see if you're interested. The same could be said with any other content, it could be farming or relics, toroids, whatever. Just try recruit chat, find the people you get on with and send a friend request. If someone turns out to be toxic, you can unfriend them.
  4. Make friends with non toxic players.
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Unnamed_Orb_Mother
  6. When was the last time the Project Undermine tactical alert took place? And do you think it will return? Looks like Nightwatch cops are linked to it, and looking for codex scans 🙂
  7. I've had the game hang on the reward selection screen (just after new UI update). You still get the reward from your own relic, so it would appear that a second transaction is made to the server upon the selection timeout.
  8. Then you are trying to think of a scenario that would satisfy your narrow case of how you are trying to understand things, but no coder would every code that way. If they did they would be actively trying to make a bad implementation so bad they would be sabotaging the game.
  9. Dude, the game does have servers, that is where your account information is stored. It is how you can uninstall your game, install it on another computer and resume from where you left off.
  10. Then your understanding would be incorrect. If I get a host migration due to the original host loosing connection, I don't loose my resources.
  11. Alt+F4 is the same as killing the process, or yanking the network cable out of your computer. As far as the game is concerned it has already notified the server of the relic opening, you have received an initial reward provided by the server. You can then change your choice which is a second transaction.
  12. It's a transaction, you open the relic and receive the reward.
  13. Mirage for Bounty Hunting in PoE and Orb Vallis.
  14. My guess would be that the Rising Tide update for consoles will be shipping with Emperian in the build, ready to be activated later. This will allow DE to release across all platforms at the same time. Therefore we will need to give console players a week or two to build their railjacks first. So with that in mind, we'll probably be looking at 2 weeks at least before release.
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