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  1. Seems like an awesome clan would be happy to apply my IGN: DetectiveLi Thanks!
  2. Danli

    [Allregion&casual] The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

    Ign: Danli Region: North America Reason why I want to join is because the previous clan I was in died out, so I was the last of my own kind. All jokes aside this clan seems laid back and pretty chill which interests me.
  3. Danli

    Coming Soon: Livestream #14!

    1) Why was raid replaced by survival other than not make it as a new mode without replacing the mode raid? 2) Is there going to be a update on armors such as equipping different parts like customization on your warframe?
  4. Danli

    Coming Soon: Livestream #13 On Sept. 4!

    1). Would there be any bug fixes such as the common one in void missions where you get stuck inside the wall near the automatic doors? 2). Is there gonna be new sniper rifles that is yet to come since there are currently a few in the game? 3). Will there be more dual mods for nightmare mode? or the dual mods from the last event would be put in as a reward in nightmare mode?