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  1. Thank you, thank you for the suggestion. I actually went into the customize key settings and looked at the key bindings. Where it says roll right (with the archwing symbol) it had E there I changed it to another key then went back and tried it out. IT WORKED! I can unequip again! That was so annoying not being able to. Thanks again!
  2. Is anyone else having the problem of not being able to unequip their archwing in the plains and orb vallis? I have to go back into the entrances or get shot down to get out of it. I press my E/melee button and it will not unequip. I have tried restarting game and computer and I also checked my settings (which were fine).
  3. Ok, was not looking at it as a stance for an exalted weapon thank you for explaining the difference of a "stance" and a mod.
  4. Went to complete Fusion on my Primal Fury Mod but it won't let me (it has one dot filled but wanted to complete it). When you look in my mods it isn't even listed it's like it isn't there. So any suggestions? I have restarted computer and game.
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