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  1. I'm here to share my suffering.
  2. Weo augment time -Fixed incorrect Alt Fire reload animation for the Corrinth.  Someone messed up @[DE]Megan
  3. Title: Pm in game or write down here
  4. You got me sweating there..
  5. Here, get ready to go inside our lord CLEM's Dirty Fantasy! \\ Clan name: Clem Dirty Fantasy \\ Clan tier: Ghost \\ Clan platform: Pc \\ Your Clan role: Warlord Simple designs, most room are random but, there we got some perks: Our Twin Grakata hall! To me, this place is where we dine and have fun. It's a calm place to afk on and having those 2 giant Grakatas on your sight... dem statifying! Our Prosperity Hall, where the god CLEM presence create life! Biggest challenge? Make the clem's head looks like him... (took me 4h alone of extreme thinking) everything else came by itself! Our Hangar! we-didn't-stole-fortuna-spiders-i-can-swear-it-DE- (sorry) no-spider were-abuse-here- Seriously, the hype for fortuna was high enough to make us make this... Why? Of course because we love Mechs and we hardly could oppress the wait for Spider-mechs And my Office! Where I give orders. One day I woke up... and this came into my mind: If the Dojo is a community... then we need a place where people could Admiss and Leave. There were no other candidate than this place... seriously DE, this space is hella Awesome! Hope you like this Dojo made of Junks-!
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