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  1. Oh. I see how it is.. Ah man, I really want that TennoCon Emblem. It looks so cool
  2. I mean, that Regalia thingies on shoulders they aren't exist?
  3. I mean, that Regalia thingies That thing wasn't exist?
  4. So, I bought TennoCon 2019 and this happen.. I only got the Attachment, Sigil, Digital Art Piece, and Emote of TennoCon 2019, but the Emblem and TennoCon Relay key are absent. Yes, I did check the Internet got a little problem and it's already fixed. But.. it's beens 3 weeks and it didn't show up on my Inventory.. Should I bought it twice or what? (pls DE I want that Emblem but I'm broke.) pleaseforgivemeaboutmyenglish
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