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  1. https://streamable.com/adfj6d Using the same weapon on both Warframe and Necramech (Cortege). Warframe can use Cortege to destroy void sinks, Necramech does nothing to them. See video. Reproduced with other archguns and both mechs.
  2. https://streamable.com/wg88rq If you collect the 10th reactant in a Void Storm mission while in a Necramech you hear the normal chime sound from picking up the reactant, not the loud audio hit we normally get on cracking the relic. See linked video above. Reproduced multiple times in both Corpus and Grineer Void Storm missions.
  3. https://streamable.com/04gve5 If you complete a Corpus Void Storm mission and recall back to your Railjack while still in your Necramech, the relic is not opened. In the linked video you can see I select a relic, complete a Void Storm exterminate with 10 reactant, recall to the Raijack while still in Necramech, and don't receive a relic reward. The relic is not spent, I still have the same amount after the mission is concluded. I have reproduced this multiple times, first when I noticed it, and then twice more in testing. NOTE: This is not a problem on Grineer Void Storm missions. I recalled from a destroyed missile platform while still in the Necramech, received the relic reward immediately upon returning to the Railjack in my Necramech.
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