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  1. Wondering what the market is on this before I do the hunt so I know whether to vanquish or convert. https://i.imgur.com/87KQ2Bl.png https://i.imgur.com/hpsJl42.png
  2. Glad to see all the new content for Deimos (that should have been there at launch, but that's another topic altogether), but the lvl40 5-forma sinks are seriously obnoxious, and even more so with these mechs that are nearly impossible to level (as an aside, the extra affinity range isn't going to cut it - talk about a bandaid on a broken bone). It was an interesting mechanic for the Paracesis, it became an annoying grind with the Kuva weapons, and I guess now it's DE's new income stream, trying to milk even more forma purchases from the market. Giving MR at 30 and then letting us forma them up
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