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  1. The wiki existing is not a bad thing. But, DE using the wiki as an excuse not to provide better basic guides to their content for new players is a bad thing.
  2. IMO Warframe has too many options and too little organization of those options for balance to be possible. The current movement speed, “parkour”, spin-to-win and a lack of strict differentiation between weapon types and ranges really don’t help as far as balancing is concerned, because the very trade-offs that would create balance are essentially flattened. If the player moves nearly as fast as a bullet with melee, and can move and shoot almost as fast over any distance - and if the game is built around speeding through missions and enemies as fast as possible - what room exists for balan
  3. I hope this also gives you some time to rethink Nightwave. IMO, it isn’t working as side content that merely sits alongside Quests and other Events but overlays all game modes. Instead, I think you should think about Nightwave as a way to connect all the major content you plan to release next year. I presume that, among other things, Corpus Liches, Corpus Railjack, New War, and Duviri Paradox are all on the table for next year. Well, use Nightwave to frame that content both in narrative and gameplay. This will require you to develop an overarching story for next year and also to develop t
  4. I think Warframe has three story issues. The first is that so much of the early story is now inaccessible because most of it was originally told through operations, events and tactical alerts. Consider that the Archwing Quest had 3-4 tactical alerts/operations that led up to it, all of which no longer exist in the game. And now, new players enter that quest with Vay Hek talking about rebuilding his Fomorian fleet, when until then, they haven’t really encountered it before. So that’s one big issue. Second, DE utilizes its existing characters very poorly. Whether it’s overusing Alad V
  5. Dojos haven't been touched in forever, most likely because 1) post-Solar Rails their primary function is trade, and 2) Dojos have been replaced by the Relays and, most importantly, the Liset/Orbiter. So while something like a dojo armory is a great idea, the fact that they took time to add it to the Relays demonstrates their perspective: Dojos are obsolete. To get some Dojo 2.0 features, they'd probably need to find something to do with Clans in general. Which tells me that we're not going to see anything new on Dojos until the Dark Sector rework.
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