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  1. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: the loot got broken in heart of deimos VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: recast the 4th ability of itzal near the " vom " tower will give a lott form fising or mining EXPECTED RESULT: us the 4th abitity near the tower wait for a sec for a tower linl to 4th abitity of itzal . After that use melle to get out of arwing and the 4th ability of itzai being destroy anh give loot form fish and mining OBSERVED RESULT: 100% work REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% consistent for https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L1-5SvREMF43HWRMNavUb3qjVrNsuqKL/view?u
  2. recast the " Fighter Escort " of ITZAL will give loot by fishing or mining near this tower
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