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  1. I'm gonna disagree with you on this, just release both at once. I prefer the single pistols because I use them with glaives often times.
  2. Bump, this is a HUGE issue in my opinion. They show up in the splash, and honestly were half the reason I wanted this skin so badly.
  3. I think this gets the both of best world IMO. Devs want it to limit mobility, so let it just be a pure toggle that turns back on after a brief delay.
  4. Except that Beasts of the Sanctuary came out on a Friday with weekend hotfixes. Cool your jets, stop having such a piss poor attitude, and complain IF they fail to deliver. This isn't an empty promise YET. If they fail to deliver, sure, complain, but it's only Wednesday, last I checked, we have 2 full days left during the normal work week.
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