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  1. I think he's talking about crafting requirements not the research
  2. i I just started the grind. It's going to take me a grand total of 11.11 hours with both boosters and a smeeta. All I ask is to remove the dumb key requirement from the derelicts because getting a group together isn't easy for this. Most people don't want any part of this grind.
  3. I did some testing as well and completed both in SO.When I got back to the orbiter it had reset again.
  4. Would you mind posting the context or is that the absolute best you can come up with.
  5. I know that but they don't seem to. It's especially bad since only people who actually speak chinese can make heads or tails of what they're saying.
  6. Why is it not sustainable. Also why are you comparing a game to school exams.
  7. You haven't expanded on why any of those things are bad.
  8. Just report the threads and move on. They obviously aren't going to stop doing it. It doesn't help that I can't even understand what the issue is.
  9. He wasn't fired. He was a volunteer. They removed his access to the volunteer program.
  10. Here it is. According to his statement he did give out information. His defence is that he didn't sign an NDA.
  11. Someone will have to manually go through that, which will be annoying for whoever has to do that.
  12. Most of the stuff missing in that manner are not instantly available in the game. So it's probably to keep people from constantly whining about it.
  13. Why are you even continuing this conversation. They've already decided that everyone else agrees with them. No amount of responses from you is going to convince them otherwise. As for forcing co-op in this game. I play co-op in this game all the time both with my clan as well as pubs. The reason I do that is if even if I get teams who have no idea what they're doing I can carry them through, it'll just take longer. If they start going in a direction that forces co-op and makes it a compulsary part of the the game I'd just move on to something else. Furthermore I really enjoy the core gameplay loop. The only thing in warframe that I'm currently not a big fan of is nightwave, other than that there are very few things I'd change.
  14. Where's the old thread, it sounds pretty juicy but I can't find it.
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