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  1. My comment was to show that you were wrong about that one doesn't want to have Hysteria active all the time, as well as the notion of it being just an emergency ability. It wasn't a comment stating one of my Valk builds for no reason, so your reply is kinda off point in that regard. With that said, I've been running that Gloom instead of Paralysis setup since Sevagoth dropped, though I also run Stretch to slow down nearby enemies in combat, just to make that survivability go a bit farther. Pretty fun to Gloom + Warcry a Showdown Lich and watch them basically stop moving. (Also, I'm not running Eternal War because it eats a mod slot and I always get the energy to recast it anyway.)
  2. Doesn't grant shields if they're depleted, unlike Respite and the Augur mods.
  3. As does Lavos, though he can't utilize Brief Respite for endless gating.
  4. The first sentence is technically true but very misguiding, much related to the ginormous "if" in the second sentence. I can get plat without using any of my money - that is just as true as the fact that you can't get plat without any real money being involved anywhere whatsoever. If we translate your comment into a real world scenario, we get: It doesn't take a lot to see why this, although true, is a pretty damn vacuous statement. But sure, I can humor this and add a couple of words to waterproof my previous statement.
  5. There's definitely a certain bit of no. 3 in there, seeing as it doesn't take more than a well modded gun to wipe the Steel Path with ease. That means Yareli can accomplish stuff - she's just not adequate compared to any other frame IMO. If you end up liking her tho, all power to you.
  6. Well, it wouldn't be the first time DE's listed drop rates have lied to us. Remember the "18%" Scintillant bounty reward rate? Turned out to be less than half that.
  7. Low key curious what you thought of Yareli in the end. Though with the Synth Equilibrium package, you can Hysteria infinitely with the right build, especially with Dispensary infused. Throw in Hysterical Assault and you can even shoot to pop nullies without the risking anything. Almost perfect fulltime immortality. Is it good? Well, you're stuck with a low tier melee weapon as your main damage source...
  8. Yeah, only being able to get plat via cash would be about just as bad as not being able to buy anything with plat, only with cash. It's basically the same thing with different steps, and that's why locking these skins in a bundle is a bad move.
  9. They could've just, y'know, not added that to the bundle. They could've dropped the cosmetics through some event or just have them for sale on the market, and let those who wanna buy plat, buy plat. Imagine if you couldn't buy, say, Deluxes or arsenal slots for plat but had to pay real cash for 'em, but you got some plat to go along with it. Game would be much worse under such a system.
  10. Or Kuva Sobek, as long as it can use Acid Shells. Hell, give it a built-in AS that stacks with AS!
  11. Happy to see you doing the community a service by personally bringing the guzzle to the staff :>
  12. Nice to see that you'd rather put time and effort in fixing minor, beneficial issues with Yareli rather than giving her the simpler buffs needed to make her viable, such as: Sea Snares CCing in an AoE on impact, because 5 enemies per cast is way too few in a horde shooter. Merulina having 90%+ damage reduction and a damage absorption period like Warding Halo, Iron Skin, or any other viable tanking ability. Aquablades being anything other than flat AoE damage with no range scaling. Making it heal Yareli and Merulina would be fitting. Riptide having a duration so you can actually shoot the things you CC. As it stands, it's a slightly better Airburst for 4 times the cost, and a way worse Larva for twice the cost. Certainly gives me high hopes for the next frame.
  13. This proposed change would switch Wukong from a frame that can be played actively and can be played AFK, to a frame that "can't" (read "would basically only") be played AFK and who'd not engage with the game save for constantly pressing 1, because if a player is just pressing 1 and not even looking at the screen, is that in practice any different than a current monkey being AFK? They're still not shooting at enemies or anything, they're still just letting their clones do all the work, it's just that they're now repeating another animation than the idle and there's 4 more clones. Worst of all is that this change would heavily encourage a super passive playstyle way more than the current iteration of Celestial Twin, so good job there mate. No, if anyone thinks the AFK monkey problem is bad enough that it needs fixing, just make the clone go AFK whenever the player stops actively damaging enemies for 3 seconds or something (which excludes DoT abilities like infused Aquablades), though ask yourself if that's a change you'd be fine with seeing implemented on every single frame. I mean, Wukong's not the only one in the game capable of passively killing stuff, after all, so making Saryn's Spores stop working after a couple of seconds if no enemy is shot wouldn't be more than fair, no?
  14. You mean like the Gara glass toggle we totally got?
  15. So does that mean that Yareli's Merulina will be getting 90%+ damage reduction and a damage absorption period to make it adequate compared to similar abilities like Warding Halo and Iron Skin? That is what that ability is, after all, and 75% is nowhere near good enough - Yareli takes 2.5 times the damage that Nezha takes, with even more limitations.
  16. She might be top tier in mobility, but she's also bottom tier in control, way below Grendelball.
  17. Nice buffs, and nice to see them so quickly implemented! On a similar note, getting a few number tweaks once in a while would really help the game. For example, Inaros' augment Desiccation's Curse - buff the spawn chance to 100% (since it's still limited by max 3 shadows) and sand shadow duration to "15 x duration" instead of just "15". Easily implemented over a coffee break, while increasing the fun factor of the mod.
  18. Some very welcome buffs, thanks for them! And while I certainly appreciate the Workshop to give us a head's up of upcoming changes, these are the kind of buffs/nerfs that I could just see dropped in a hotfix without any notice. On a similar note, getting a few number tweaks once in a while would really help the game. For example, Inaros' augment Desiccation's Curse - buff the spawn chance to 100% (since it's still limited by max 3 shadows) and sand shadow duration to "15 x duration" instead of just "15". Easily implemented over a coffee break, while increasing the fun factor of the mod.
  19. That is a false equivalence, which is a fallacy, because it ignores the fact that the booster as a product appeals to a good number of other people. More appropriate would then be to compare the boosters to, say, a jar opener. For some, the jar opener might be useless while others would happily pay for one. Speaking of false equivalence, why do you look at boosters as a substitute for a recurring subscriptions? Just because it lasts for a month doesn't make it such a substitute, merely one of many products. Can you present an argument that isn't fallacious? Nah, it is. Also, it is elitist. Nah, it isn't. Also, it ain't. Context matters.
  20. @Hobie-wan Yeah, there was a tile directly below but it was a good number of stairs down and had nothing visible that would do that, so I have no idea if that's the case here.
  21. One could just simply make Sea Snares apply damage vulnerability, like Blazing Chakram does. No need to go the Viral route.
  22. I remember a time when I had to farm Index for credits to keep up with all my crafting, modding, and whatnot. Nowadays, I got all of that stuff done and I'm earning heaps from Sortie, lich/sister hunting, and Steel Path. Cred boosters are certainly not valuable to me anymore, but I still remember a time they were and I know that others are still in the same position. Voila, I'm suddenly starting to express myself from outside my own subjectivity. Crazy, huh? The boosters are there for those who "need"/want them, and that's good enough. Not all boosters need to be good for everyone all the time. Leq merely pointed out that your post is hard to read and might not be coming through as intended, simultaneously wondered if it could have anything to do with English possibly being a non-Native language for you. The astute among us may notice that this is in fact not an insult, let alone an ad hominem. The latter is basically an insult tied to a undermining of the argument. Leq didn't say you're wrong about the boosters because your post is difficult to read, thus it's not an ad hominem. By the same token, that quote of your is not an ad hominem because although it's insulting and uncalled for, it doesn't say "and thus you're wrong about the booster stuff". On the other hand, it lends credence to the spirit of what Leq said - choose your words more carefully and don't toss around terms you don't know the meaning of. It just risks ruining your arguments. Signed: An actual non-native English speaker. (PS: Claiming that I'm wrong about what an ad hominem is because I'm a non-native English speaker would be a prime example of an ad hominem.)
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