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  1. Its a weapon, not a body so you clearly twisted my words. But anyways, Im not interested in talking to you anymore. Hahaha, oh I don't even need to talk to you anymore! The existence of Valkyr Gersemi proves how off-base you are there!
  2. Different situation, same result. And please don't insinuate I did something I obviously didn't.
  3. In other words, it's just as fine and plot relevant as Revenant Deluxe. Got it.
  4. Yeah, after grinding out the armor and ephemeras, it's mostly just the Umbral that keeps me coming back to SP, reward-wise. As someone who's pretty set on arcanes, being able to grind SP instead of Tridolons would definitely triple my playtime for the former.
  5. Riven Transmuters are one of those items that are only accessible from one place, Eidolon Hydrolyst capture, giving no alternatives if you want to obtain one. In contrast, there are now a good number of ways to obtain Rivens, from Sorties to Slivers to Nihil refights. The Kuva used to roll Rivens is also obtainable from a good number of sources nowadays. Even Arcanes, one of the reward most commonly associated with the Eidolon, have gotten alternative farming ways in recent years, through events and Orphix missions. Personally, I believe it's good that items like these have multiple farming ways to accommodate for those who do not like a particular one, and I feel that a relatively minor item like the Riven Transmuter should get the same treatment. With Teshin now offering a growing number of late game tools and rewards at the cost of Steel Essence, including the upcoming Riven Cipher, it would be fitting if he also sold Riven Transmuters. The exact price, I leave up for discussion.
  6. Pretty much, yep. There doesn't even need to be an explanation. Why does Limbo Deluxe look so Sentient? The answer: Don't think about it too much, it's just meant to look cool and give the frame an alternative appearance. Why does Revenant Deluxe look so non-Sentient? Same answer. "Muh lore" doesn't factor into the Deluxe design process. If any explanation at all is given, consider yourself lucky. If not, just accept it and move on.
  7. Revenant Prime is the one that fused with the Sentient. You're welcome.
  8. Revenant Prime is the one that fused with the Sentient. You're welcome. It would also fit if Revenant had the ability to leech health, mesmerize enemies, and become intangible. Wait...
  9. I went and found that thread. You were completely incorrect regarding how normal and Prime frames relate to one another. Hint: Compare Gara vs. Gara Prime. Regarding the Deluxe, no reconsidering. Deluxes do not need to "fit", and are arguably more interesting when they do not "fit". Except this one, like all the others, do fit to some degree.
  10. Ah yes, because people totally want to schedule their lives around Warframe. [/sarcasm] Take away the ability to get the right buffs by asking for them, not to mention it being a MR 30 reward. Screw over people that aren't able to play 4+ hours, and/or whose schedule doesn't align with the game's. "Buffs on demand"? Nah. "Buffs that demand"! Beautiful solution to lose players, rather than, as you continue to ignore, not wait around in vain but instead ask for buffs in clan chat or whatnot, or just playing the game without them. Because guess what? Warframe does not force you to play with Blessings. Looking forward to seeing you revive this thread in yet another 2-3 weeks. Again.
  11. Same goes for Inaros' fat health pool. At most, half his 4 is fine.
  12. The funny thing here is that you can switch out "Xaku" for any other caster frame in that comment. Like oh, you wanna run both high Range and Duration on your Gara? I guess there's now a "needed use" for both Overextended and Narrow Minded, and that's "not good design"?Man, it's almost as if the game's modding system requires you to choose and balance your trade-offs once on a while. What frame wouldn't benefit from running 15 mods? Having to decide between what to include and not is kinda what a build is. If you wanna run high Range, you gotta build for high Range. If you don't like the trade-offs or want more mod slots, you need to make some choices which may include lowering the Range. Alternatively, one can always rant on the forum about wanting high Range without building for high Range, but I suggest one makes their own topic in that case.
  13. Huh, didn't know it affected enemy projectiles as well. Today I learned, I guess. Still, I prefer Roar to boost the scaling damage of GoL. I see no problem in a frame having multiple abilities that significantly benefit from multiple ability attributes. I even prefer that over frames like Rhino or Loki, where it feels like a complete waste to build certain attributes because they only affect a couple of abilities each in any noticeable way.
  14. Yeah, it's almost like they're made up of bits and pieces from like three different frames or something. The fact that the offensive power of their 2 scales with both Strength and Range makes it quite good though, even without the 100% defense reduction. However, they still got some stuff in need of fixing/buffing, like how their 1 is just straight-up a weaker and less synergistic subsumed Roar.
  15. Personally, I want to turn my local atmosphere into 5% oxygen, 95% Panthera sawblades.
  16. Nor are they a normal weapon and people shouldn't in error think that either. For example, according to the wiki, they can damage enemies across the rift plane, something otherwise quite unique to abilities. If passives count as abilities for the sake of Nightwave challenges and such, it is not a bug. I'm willing to bet that Venari kills count as ability kills as well, despite being well tied to Khora's passive, just like the claws are to Garuda's. If anything, one can easily argue that the claws have just as many quirky similarities with non-exalted weapons, if not more.
  17. And having to click 4 twice per ability use seems highly redundant. Like, imagine if Ash just passively marked enemies in sight (for no energy cost) while activating his 4 started the attack on previously marked targets for as long as your energy lasted. Press 4 again to prematurely end it, if anything. And then change the augment to mark X nearby enemies per second during the 4.
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