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  1. Gen 1 thralls create enthralling pillars on death. Don't use Duration or Range as dump stats and you'll be able to create self-sustaining thrall armies.
  2. FTFY. DE made a Warframe with an Exalted Warframe with an Exalted Weapon, then said "Nah, make Exalted K-Drive too hard, we make pet to ride with no mods". If Merulina's not a K-Drive, it bloody well should be. (Gameplay-wise, that is, inb4 "but teh lore says it inspired k-drive". News flash: Having some orphans bunked up in a ventilation system be able to make massive improvements to Orokin design isn't the most lore-friendly thing either. Merulina should be moddable.)
  3. I suggest you read the question again, because it's painfully clear that you haven't understood it. I'll help you out by highlighting some key words. Your explanations, this one being no exception, make it clear that you're basing your view on a big category error. You're speaking from some nondescript general gameplay, whereas the question of having no use in the game necessitates that the frames in question cannot perform well even in more specific roles, such as Lich/Sister hunting, Index, Eidolons, for example. If you wanna actually prove that any frames are factually useless, you'd need to prove they have no area of usage whatsoever. Otherwise, cool personal opinion, mate. A wiser person would take this as a sign that maybe they've missed something with Frost, and that they should take a more thorough look to question the validity of their own opinion.
  4. I see you chose to not respond to the following questions. Oh well, whether or not you actually believe in the "factually incorrect" bit, one can by looking at the data see that, for example, Frost+Prime sees more usage than Ember+Prime. Not only that, but guess which frames' usage (averaged with the Prime in case one exists) is lower than the average of Frost and his Prime? Here's a clue: Funny that! What you fail to fully realize is so your appeal to the usage data to determine usefulness is hilariously flawed, something you'll have to admit to unless you're willing to accept that Gara and Nezha are both less useful than Frost! Now, keep claiming Frost and Nyx are useless if you want to, but if you cannot back up those claims with facts, it will continue to be blatantly obvious that that's nothing more than your personal opinion, not something factual.
  5. And I love how you strawman, random citizen! But sure, let's play some. So your comment is aimed at the people that seem to think every frame has a place in the game, and you say that some of those frames don't? Which frames? Well, you mention which appears to imply that you think these three frames have no place in the game. Logically speaking, it is possible to think that both Nyx and Frost have a place in the game, while still thinking that not every frame has a place in the game. Would you still call it "factually incorrect" if I said that every frame in the game except for Yareli alone has a use, despite the fact that I would then not belong to the group of "factually incorrect" people that seem to think every frame has a place in the game? Or would you say that your stance on Nyx and Frost is just a personal opinion, just like how you think Wisp is among the "best things in the game"? In case of the former, congratulations, we're right back at which would of course mean that we could change that bit near the end to And that would be truly hilarious.
  6. So what you're asking is not for the glass to literally break, merely for "broken_glass.png" to be put on PT'd glass, huh? If so, I imagine everyone in this thread have misunderstood what you're asking for.
  7. Apparently, you couldn't even care enough to make sure that your opinion on what's factual isn't factually wrong.
  8. Protea also has a very "all the energy you'll ever need" caster style going for her, but yeah, all those mentioned frame had a niche they are good at. Even before the Xaku buffs, they could still get stuff done as a forma-intensive glass cannon, and Sevagoth came out pretty well balanced with an interesting "switch between two frames" concept that I frankly think he does better than Equinox. Meanwhile, Yareli, as you said, feels just like something they put out just because they had to in order to keep up the release schedule, with basic, horribly undertuned abilities. They didn't even make the K-Drive suitable for tilesets through tighter controls and shorter model height.
  9. The amusing thing is that in theory, Yareli could become a high mobility version of Vauban with some buffs, just like Nezha is a high mobility version of Rhino. Her kit's got grouping, hold-in-place CC, and AoE damage. They just need to make it so that her abilities aren't awful.
  10. Punch Through also allows you to shoot through walls. Should we make all walls breakable as well? Suspension of Disbelief is a thing, use it. If not, we might as well start talking about how illogical the one-size-fits-all Pistol ammo is.
  11. If you're talking about the Wukong I remember, I'd still say Yareli is worse. Wukong at least had a niche with his stupid immortality - I remember soloing peak OP Wolf through sheer attrition - while Yareli just has nothing going for her whatsoever. (Ok, the passive is fairly good but nothing too noteworthy.) Agreed on the rest though, particularly the whiff bit. Yareli's abilities are so badly balanced, you'd think she was from 2013.
  12. My priorities are the other way around, but I definitely would like it if she had both. Adding a bit of lifesteal to Aquablades that heals both Yareli and Merulina would be a nice touch. Would also make the ability usable even against tougher enemies. This. So much this. Just something like the following made-up quote would put my mind at ease, knowing that she won't just be forgotten once the next frame comes out, as it often feels like. "We acknowledge these issues that Yareli has but do not have time to fix them because New War. Look forward to buffs addressing these issues (and potentially a few others as they crop up) in the near future after New War's out and stable - it will be one of our top priorities after that."
  13. Doesn't have to be the most extreme changes either. Making Sea Snares CC in an AoE on impact and giving Riptide a duration so you could take advantage of the grouping would be great buffs alone, plus making Merulina more like Warding Halo (90% DR and damage absorption) and whatever it'd take to fix Aquablades (moddable range, for a start). These changes alone would make her usable, albeit still very basic. The only number-cranking that would actually be meaningful for her is that DR, but as long as DE refuses to do even that, I have no hope for this frame.
  14. Yeah, it would be very immersion-breaking if a mounted Yareli would, say, jump up into the air, spin around, and do a little side kick, all while maintaining her relative position to a Merulina in motion. Oh wait, that's Riptide.
  15. Worth noting is that Helminth abilities can be activated by Titania during Razorwing. This includes full body animations like Gloom. Basically, Helminth abilities not working on Merulina is nothing short of laziness and neglect. DE has solved this kind of issue before, they just choose to not do it now.
  16. Yeah, that's basically my standpoint as well, though I also think it's decent enough on all frames in general.
  17. As will anyone who uses it be - beyond recognition.
  18. Good luck, bud. 👍 The irony of this response coming from someone who's only contribution to this thread is defending DE while not commenting directly on the topic. Keep up the good work, mate. 👍
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