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  1. There's normally a visual effect when entering/exiting transference?If that's the case then its probably just a visual bug unique to my settings then, since I've never seen it before now, thank you. And I see now that embedding the image does indeed take some searching around for the source with lightshot, thank you for the guidance.
  2. Hello all, just a post out of curiosity. I was exploring the Corpus Gas City Secret Labs for the first time today, and during the mission while standing about translating some corpus writing on the walls in one of the labs, White glowing cracks appeared on my warframe, and persisted through many different rooms and lighting conditions until I exited the mission. Upon arriving at my orbiter they were gone. Among my guesses to what they might be, a strange visual glitch, a part of a secret, some aura or status effect from an enemy or a hit squad, maybe some sort of visual indicator for AFK? Anyone have any insight? Printscreen with Lightshot attached as insert from URL apparently won't work http://prntscr.com/tgl3g5
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