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  1. Nightwave was just one that came to mind and it seems like it's a event with how it's setup. So in my head I thought of it as such. ^_^ But ya, event reruns would really help with spreading around the love and rewards for those who missed them or who are new to the game. Heck even people who were around during the initial run but didn't have enough frames, all planets unlocked and so on would really benefit from such a thing from DE.
  2. So I know other F2P games will do this (such as War Thunder and World of Warships) but I am not certain if Warframe does. With some events having event unique items (such as the current event of Nightwave), I'd like to throw my hat into the ring to suggest event reruns be a thing. Not right away or six months later but something like annually. I think it would be good because not every player is able to grind out all the needed tasks for events like Nightwave and it would also give new players the opportunity to earn rewards the next time around. It would definitely help those who aren't able to grind out said tasks due to real life time constraints and it would allow players who weren't around during the initial event run to get it when it comes back the next time. It would help give a stronger impression of "We are all in this together", which would mesh very well with the Co-op gameplay of Warframe.
  3. That's not what's been happening for me in Low Risk. shrugs
  4. Now I know then I guess. I got my 40k back, but that was it. Probably because we won but didn't get all 75. Except in Low Risk I can still make more then I invested even if all 50 points aren't scored. Not the full amount you can get if you got all 50 points but more then the 30k I put down.
  5. So I usually run the Low Risk Index since that's what I was previously told is the best one to run for the entry cost, time spend and enemy spawning numbers. However I just ran a Medium risk and even though we (myself and two other players) won I got nothing from it. We had 57 of the 75 points needed and even at that amount in Low I've still gotten more then my original investment back. So to get returns back in Medium do you have to get all 75 points scored and nothing else to see any income made from it? Or was this a bug in the game?
  6. Stay on topic or leave. Your snarky posts are unwanted and unwarranted.
  7. Not everyone has all the time in the world to play. Some of us work day jobs or go to college. If you remember that then you'll be more understanding in the future. Farming and grinding are time consuming in any game and because credits and Endo are the two most scarce consumables in this game (currency wise), it means you value what you get with them and try to make them count. If you are wanting to be judgemental then I'd ask that you take it else where. My original post was non-confrontational and even asked if others have had negative experiences with DE support. Your first reply was a shot taken at me and not at what I said. You were looking to instigate a conflict in a place that didn't need it. That's how your post came across.
  8. Nah. I don't own a console outside of the Switch (if you can even call it that ha ha ha), but I don't play it on their either. Only play PC really. It's very kind of you to offer though. Thank you and I do appreciate it. ^_^
  9. Your take is a lot more constructive and rational then the user above you who just acted entitled and snarky with their post. Taking shots at me and not the topic of my post. I think what makes this whole experience more frustrating is that I didn't hear back for 10 days and got two automated emails from their system saying "We haven't forgotten about you and we apologize for taking so long". Which doesn't really help alleviate the frustration and comes across as more of a slap to the face then a genuine intent. I had to post a third time after almost 15 days just to get their attention again. It's just been a stressful and frustrating process and them essentially shrugging and saying "Not our problem" only made it overall worse.
  10. I tend to try and run the Index, but I don't have all the best gear so making the most of the Index and earning enough credits to get me by isn't always possible. Compared to some who I see with, as the AI puts it, a bucket load of credits. Plus I usually run the lowest level of the Index due to it's entry cost requirement.
  11. What was the point of this snarky post? Jesus it's only a wonder this community is still holding together with toxic members such as yourself crapping on other players...
  12. Anyone else have such negative and worthless experience with DE Support? I orignally submitted a ticket due to missing credits. Provided proof as well but DE support just stonewalled me and denied any such discrepancies with my account. So I lost 40k worth of credits because of a bug that was caused by attempting to buy blueprints of the Dual Cestra weapons. The blueprints are unmarked in price but you can still click on them. Which I did so twice because the button for them isn't greyed out and the game didn't make any sort of "Denied" sound effect when I clicked on "Buy Blueprint" the first time. However in doing so I lost 40k worth of credits and DE support is adamantly against any such problem. The proof I provided was entirely ignored and they denied any wrong doing on their game and them. So ya, needless to say DE support continue to baffle and shock me with how against their community they are and how underwhelming their support is. Kind of a sad irony when their one job is to provide support and help... Out of curiosity, how many of those who read my post here have also had such a crappy experience from them? Based on their track record with how poorly they handle TennoCon Live stream tickets, I know they are atrocious with being any help with that, but wondering if this is a across the board sort of thing too. Like they had admitting there is a problem and admitting when they are wrong. Which is a really bad characteristic for a game company to have. Since blaming the players is far easier then taking any level of responsibility these days...
  13. Post can be deleted the discretion of the Mod Staff.
  14. I'll give the file a look then. Thank you for the help. 🙂
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