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  1. Faust - the Warlock frame, a rework to the Maestro I posted here earlier so please replace Maestro with this
  2. I kinda wanted to make a high-risk high-reward frame reminiscent of the Devil May Cry and Bayonetta protagonists. not entirely sure about the numbers that are NOT on this post but whatevs. ----------------------Lore------------------------- Faust was originally a Limbo that messed up a void jump and got shredded into pieces in the void. Enough of the neuroptics survived to keep its somatic link up, but not enough to sever it, and Limbo called out for help. The Man in the Wall patched it up with broken Sentient parts and void energy in exchange for...something...the newly baptized Faust couldn't void jump properly like a normal Limbo, only temporarily before being pulled back into its current plane of existence. It was soon rescued and reverse engineered by orokin. ---------------------Stats------------------------ Health: 100 (200 at rank 30) Shield: 100 (400 at rank 30) Armor: 150 Energy: 150 Sprint: 1.25 ----------------------Passives--------------------- Double tap W, A, S, or D to dash/sidestep in that direction, this does not interrupt reloading or aiming, but acts to cancel other animations at any time, such as rolling, bullet jumping, and melee. When performed in mid-air, this causes Faust to move parallel to the ground in that direction without losing height. Dashing into enemies causes knockback in a radius around Faust and causing immunity to all attacks for the duration of the dash SHIFT still causes Faust to roll but will now also temporarily phase Faust into the void and turn him invisible for the duration of the roll. Tap CTRL at the same time an enemy attacks to manual parry, This staggers all enemies within 3 feet and renders Faust immune to all incoming attacks, knockback, knockdown, as well as status effects for 1 second each tap. Hold to silence all weapons. Faust gains a "Confidence" meter that adds to the damage of each attack. Being hit with bullets, pulls from Ancients/Scorpions, and nonexplosive corpus weapons has a 100%/85%/70%/55% chance to reduce built-up confidence by 10%, while being hit by melee or knocked down has a 100%/75%/55% chance to completely remove all confidence. Confidence is gained by either performing a stealth kill, dodging an attack, gaining another stack in the combo meter, or manual parrying. Confidence gain hierarchy is as follows: combo confidence gain > manual parry/SHIFT confidence gain > stealth kill confidence gain > dodge confidence gain. ----------------------Secret--------------------- Secret: unequip melee weapon to use Spurius, a sword which deals 2:1 Slash-Viral damage and applies stealth finisher damage on an enemy directly landed upon during a slam attack, which also spreads a wide, Zakti-esque, Gas cloud. Upon performing 3 successful finishers (including slams and ground finishers), a dagger spawns, following the trajectory of the melee attacks, spawning another dagger every 5 hits and pushing further the longer the dagger/s has/have gone unshattered. Upon automatically parrying, there is a 50% chance to shatter 1 dagger. Upon taking damage, all daggers are shattered. Swapping to another weapon retains all spawned daggers, but this time they hurl themselves to wherever the weapon is fired at and respawn one-at-a-time, provided the user hasn't been hit. Deals 350 magnetic-corrosive damage, spins around user when not being hurled or following melee attacks ----------------------Skills--------------------- Deliverance: press once to create a swirling vortex of mist at the reticle which drains energy, grows bigger and gets thicker every tick, reactivate to have the next attacks aimed at the mist in 2 seconds from the entire party multishot by the number of ticks the skill is held for and apply as AoEs on the area inside the mist. performing a melee attack on the spot where this skill was held will count as a hit in the mist. successfully performing a headshot on one enemy within the mist will count as a headshot for all. Mist alone does not alert unalerted enemies but firing an unsilenced weapon into the mist does. Faust holds Spurius, half sticking out of a small void rift, throughout the channeling without being able to change weapon until ending, and sheathes Spurius by the end Blood Pact: Faust draws a bolline's blade across his palm, applying a slash proc to himself which increases the party's ability strength, crit, and status chance every tick. Crit and status chance gained in this way can stack with repeated castings, with ability strength being limited to 3 stacks. Damage done by all party members is converted to health divided equally among all members. specters, pets, and followers gain the same health without dividing it further. Suffrigan: Faust creates an aura of menace around himself, driving all nearby enemies to attack him while increasing the confidence gained from dodging and manually parrying. The aura records damage but does not prevent anyone from receiving it. release to send an AoE similar to Nyx's Absorb which inflicts all recorded damage, including hits received. If undetected, this instead drives nearby enemies to melee attack each other at increased damage, having all enemies attack Faust on detection. Salvation: Faust cuts into the air using an athame, creating a tear in the void for a short time that freezes all enemies near the reticle and stops all incoming enemy attacks for a few seconds, both those already inside and those coming from outside. if aimed at an enemy, the enemy will be the center of the AoE instead. Slows down bosses and boss attacks. Upon wearing off, all attacks and enemies stopped/slowed down this way gain friendly fire. Alerts enemies that look at it/survive, but is cast silently. ---------------------Augments--------------------- Heads Will Roll: headshots taken 0.5/0.75/1 seconds after a dash/sidestep/backstep/manual parry/bullet jump/roll deal 50% more damage Pact Familiar: hold E without moving in a room without enemies to summon a void crow that will be your new eyes and ears. The crow does not trigger alarms/traps, carry loot, or alert enemies, but it can unlock lockers, break loot cases, draw attention to itself from already alerted enemies, take Lua/Focus buffs for its master, and fly. Infinite duration but will die after one hit. Prevents enemies from spawning in/entering the room the player is channeling this augment in. After dismissal, turn invisible for 10/13/16 seconds. Decisive Deliverance: Deliverance now spawns one spectral dagger per tick channeled for upon reactivating. Each dagger performs melee parries on incoming visible attacks. Upon parrying, each dagger impales and staggers an enemy parried in this way, exploding into 100/200/300 corrosive-magnetic damage on the next hit Enduring Thirst: each kill performed under Blood Pact prolongs all present stacks by 2/3/4 seconds Faith Militant: Suffrigan now converts 20%/30%/40% of incoming damage to all nearby party members into confidence for them for 7/10/13 seconds Scathing Salvation: Reactivate Salvation while aiming at the center of the AoE to pull all affected enemies and attacks toward you, redirecting the attacks away from you and converting affected enemies into minions for 5/7.5/10 seconds ----------------------Footnotes--------------------- All spawned daggers take the shape of bollines when holding a melee weapon and take the shape of athames when holding a primary or secondary
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