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  1. I have one here who also happens to be named Egg lol. There's also this one but the mask is a tad silly looking, but I figured I'd post it anyway just in case
  2. Just in case I miss you, I figured I'd post your lich here. I'm in the UK, time zone wise, if Monday suits better to trade
  3. I should hopefully be on tomorrow/Sunday. If we're both online I should be good to trade with you!
  4. Been farming for a Carmine Penta and ended up getting a second receiver. If anyone needs one and has a spare stock, I'm willing to trade the receiver for it! Cheers.
  5. No worries. I'll fire you a friend request in game, I'll trade you the stubba lich when you're free. Here is the lich in question, just so I can fire him across easier when I look for him in the trade.
  6. thanks again for hosting the survey and giveaway! Really liking the zephyr skin!
  7. wrapping up my lich ephemeras and the Vengeful Trickster (radiation) Ephemera is the last one I need, so I'm hoping to trade my Vengeful Shockwave Ephemera lich for one. If anyone is interested, please let me know here on this thread.
  8. same here on my end, just did an alert and it still says 5, despite now being 4 available alerts now.
  9. Virtual Valentine you can be the silva to my aegis. I don't use captura much but I think it turned out passible enough.
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