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  1. I'm still waiting to hear back on my creator program application myself. I think I applied the day after the program went live, although with Tennocon just done and the new update coming soon I imagine things have been busy.
  2. Guess if it works as intended, guess that'll do. I do agree with the idea with us returning to the ships tho instead of it failing, but yes I see what ya mean.
  3. (Please note this was copied and pasted from my e-mail I sent previously, so excuse the e-mail related tone) Hello. I have been keeping on getting a mission failure randomly during, and at the starts of void keys occasionally when running void missions with friends. from what I have seen, it is mostly whenever the key user leaves or disconnects randomly, sometimes it still fails even before we load into the mission. I find this bug quite annoying when it comes to farming new Prime parts. Whilst it is a minor thing, it still counts as a fail in one's stats page, and this isn't the first t
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