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  1. This is not something that only two people can do. Anyone can do it once they learn how. And it will be overpowered. The credit and XP rate alone is good enough to make Railjack worthwhile. The Helminth stuff is just icing on the cave (lootcave)
  2. You know that there's other resources you can use on Helminth right? Resources that you have to farm without leveling up mastery fodder extremely quickly and getting millions of credits. That's why they're better for Helminth than Railjack stuff.
  3. But.. the resources aren't useless outside of Railjack. As per DE's recent announcement of upcoming changes
  4. I mean, yeah its a good run. But i'ts able to be done. Therefore Railjack is overpowered. It is possible to get millions of xp and credits very quickly! and with the upcoming change you get infinite free Helminth resources as a bonus
  5. Yes the pilot does the most work. This is BY DE's design. Does it not occur to you that maybe that other player decided they wanted credits, or xp, or helminth resources? I was not perfectly timing my missiles or quick-swapping?? (what is that) , I wasn't the pilot. I was using the forward artillery and doing the forge work.
  6. This is a community based game, I learnt everything I needed to know off one player. People are either just learning off the wrong people or there isn't enough guides out there It does not detract from the fact that Railjack is overpowered
  7. The "knowledge" needed is just how to use battle avionics (press number keys to use battle avionics) , and which avionics to install. It's extremely easy and accessible
  8. none of these things happen when, as a team, you kill everything fast enough
  9. yeah that would be a good change, some people in public runs just afk and leech. Gets pretty annoying
  10. er, no. You don't need any good gear to pull your own weight in someone elses Railjack. You just need to know what to do scarlet spear is an invalid point, when done efficiently it was an afk fest no matter how you look at it Rising tide quest? Ah yes, 20 entire carbides to build one of the parts.
  11. I'd like to extend my utmost thanks to DE for taking some feedback from Reddit and making great changes!
  12. Thanks DE!!! I'm super hyped for these changes already 😊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-ksJz_isE8
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