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  1. So, you're aware of the underlining systems and how they shape the meta, know that this causes restrictiveness and yet think it doesn't need fixing? Doesn't that sound contradictory to you?
  2. I mean, there are many ways to measure success. Some people measure it in revenue, some in customer (player) satisfaction. As for the meta being restrictive, it's restrictive precisely because of the systems you think aren't in dire need of fixing.
  3. I don't think this'll happen. I've effectively made my Operator mute, but I'm still reminded why I hate them so much each time a quest forces them to speak.
  4. There's a solution Play with premade groups, clanmates or friends
  5. I forgot this was even a thing after whips were kill. I think this and the other thread about wall jump attacks can be added to the same "why exist" pile
  6. How is that possible? How is it possible to consistently put out content that is buggy? Is their QA on strike?
  7. Yeah. Someone else brought this up a week ago or so The fact is that DE makes a pretty penny from bundles and allowing discounts through stuff you already have would cut into those profits. For some reason, my game decided that my Stalker will drop anything except Despair. However, I'm not gonna spend 800 platinum just to get one item I don't have. Discounts like these should have been implemented years ago, but won't be for the reason I mentioned
  8. Yes. I'd very much like this to be an optional thing you can turn on for all missions.
  9. Never. DE has moved on to other content
  10. There will always be the most efficient way to do something. It's on the developers to balance the game in such a way that there is no one best way to accomplish your goal or at least ensure there isn't a massive gap between the best method and every other method.
  11. I never liked the damage type; I thought it being tied to Operators (which are much worse at combat than Warframes) heavily limited its effectiveness. With guildmates, I half-joked that I could do a better job of doing Void damage if there was a weapon mod that converted as little as 10% of that weapon's damage into Void.
  12. Yeah. Trading is a pretty important part of progression if you want stuff that's rare or vaulted at the moment. I find it amusing that the much hyped new player experence still does absolutely nothing to teach players about this.
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