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  1. From personal experience, max ping doesn't really stop you from joining bad hosts. It's a suggestion at best. If it can't find a host with my chosen max ping (I chose 100), it'll just choose whatever.
  2. Bump. This has been suggested numerous times and still hasn't been implemented. Personally, I'd like a 'Hide Mastered' option added not just to the store, but also the arsenal.
  3. You don't keep yours mute? My operator hasn't yet earned the right to speak outside of missions, where she has to. That being said, I think more lines are way overdue.
  4. Now, I know I'm late to the party and new mission nodes being added is old news by now, but there is a side effect to that and with the possibility of The New War adding even more nodes, I thought it was worth discussing. Each time new nodes are added, Arbitrations are locked again. To my knowledge, this has happened two times so far. I don't even play Arbitrations, but I think anyone that's unlocked them when the amount of mission nodes was X shouldn't have to unlock them again by completing X amount of nodes + whatever amount of new nodes were added. Accessibility to them should be grandfathered to everyone that's already unlocked previously, new nodes shouldn't affect that.
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