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  1. Was i banned from chat for using the T word? Its neither profane nor derogatory. This is kinda ridiculous.Is it a permanent ban
  2. For me Axi a6 hasnt dropped from any source, not even relic packs, kelpie disruption, hydron,akkad, etc, nothing, so no one selling atlas neur and only a handful have set. Broken hotfix.its been over 3 hours and not one seller for neuro so ppl wtb relics which scarcely exist. Chasing your tail gets old.
  3. Thought this'd be fixed by now, but I also get stuck in lookview screen at times. Either way logout or reset required to rejoin game. Still think de does a great job with workload, considering wf is free game. Just please unstick me. Yours undeniably, B.
  4. I was just about to report this. Real pain , can't return to game from linked view without loging out.
  5. The title says it all. Not sure if this was disabled on purpose.
  6. Wts r3 arcane barriers. best price 600p pm on xbox
  7. Please fix Valkyr Leonessa helmet. Ponytail falls through forehead every time Val leans forward. Ruins a beautiful piece. Thanx for all u do.
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