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  1. I have a certain problem with this game, lack of challenging content and lack of an actual endgame (challenging endgame would be really nice), the thing is I googled a bit and I can see that a lot of players had been asking for the same thing for quite some time now and yet we still don't have either of those in the game. We got a lot of "we are listening to you", "we care about you", "you are important to us"... but no challenge or endgame. The thing "we" did get was arbitration. I said "we" because the content was lukewarm to start with, just regular missions with reused asset floating around giving enemies immunity to everything oh and +300% ability strenght for random frame and weapon... much challenging just what we wanted /s, but even that was promptly nerfed so it pretty much belongs to the basket of what casual players get. I'd like a bit honesty here, I'd like for devs to come out and say that veterans and min-maxers are not welcome, I'd like them to say that this game is nothing but a horde shooter where absolutely all content is made to suit the casual players, or actually show us some of that love and caring and give us what we need.
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