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  1. All other channels work, except tertiary, i would insert example pictures, but i am unsure how.
  2. Take your time man rome wasnt built in a day
  3. I think its that since they are allowing new things in, it takes longer to get them in game, and im not an expert of cloth physics, but de has said they arent their favorite type of thing to get in game. Just my speculation.
  4. After inaros you have any plans for other frames like harrow or nekros?
  5. Well since he doesnt have his 3rd ability, make up some ideas and leave em here. I think a defensive ability based on the corpses that hes dragging alongwould help his kit.
  6. Looking good man! The toes should be interesting lol
  7. Oh cool well if the skin and helmet meet requirements i am excited to see this ingame, the helmet especially looks nice in my opinion
  8. Isnt there a rule against sentient tennogen?
  9. So hows today for everyone
  10. Im not sweating nothing But that volt is coming awfully fast with that atterax....
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