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  1. I am biased towards the side that wants current archwings to stay separate from the modular system, getting that out of the way. I have a few issues/questions for DE. 1. Will current archwings being usable as skins either purchasable from the market or exclusive to the people who built them? 2. If i have something like Itzal built, when this update comes out, will i get its equivalent parts? or would it just disappear into the void along with super jump and iron jab? 3. For the sounds that archwings make i like the sounds Elytron and Odonata prime make, will there be a way for the modular archwings to use these sounds? 4. What is the reasoning behind breaking down the current archwings into the modular system? 5. For Odonata prime, If a prime access for volt comes out again, will it be available as a skin from accessories? or will it be gone? 6. Odonata prime using normal Odonata skin is bugged, uses prime model and is aligned incorrectly. (at least on ps4) Feel free to leave your thoughts on these topics.
  2. 1 slight issue, The ephemera is determined by the frame you kill it with soooooo
  3. Ill describe it as best as i can, from what i remember it starts off with gauss on the plains at night, speeding around, teshin says the whole "You exist on the fold between two worlds" then part of natah's speech from ropalolyst plays, and more tidbits of speech, with fashion framed warframes on screen the whole time. If anyone knows the name of the video, i've been searching for days with inconclusive results.
  4. Ooh looking even better than i imagined! If the timing is right, this could come out during new war. Hopefully de sees how great this is
  5. Ooh this is looking even better than i imagined! So excited!
  6. Skins looking good! Maybe make the stomach nipples glow to add to the sentient aesthetic?
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