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  1. I liked the episodic nature of the acts, even though they were mostly the same, it told a story of how nihil was glassing people across the system for "laws" that he made up essentially. Nihil in my eyes was a great boss, it may not be zealoid prelate good, but its up there. and the vitrica is great, good utility, good stats and looks good (imo) too
  2. maybe basmu would be a good pick? innate self heal AOE on reload so no need for furis
  3. *Distant purging and screams about the imperium of man*
  4. no i would actually disagree, i liked this boss. Its attacks, once learned, could easily be predicted, the only thing that got annoying, was the glass bits that you needed to throw were a bit of a stressor because (at least for me) he prioritized swinging his sword at me and destroying platforms. other than that, a great fight that isnt just a bullet sponge, sure the series 2 boss was better, but i think this is a solid one.
  5. Vitrica has a slide attack stat of 666 and paracesis has a slam attack stat of 666. just thought this was funny
  6. I know your busy and all since we kicked your metallic rears in the scarlet spear event, but c'mon this was supposed to be a full on invasion. other than the infestation, i don't feel very invaded right now.
  7. hmm so they could be of a similar or possibly even same ancestor strain of infestation? If what you are saying is true, then is deimos what a successful takeover of a planet with a boil looks like?
  8. Title, unlikely because the designs of the boil and the infested are different but i like to imagine it is.
  9. Yea same, the claw has been a problem for a bit longer than the armor but the armor is still a problem, used to sit flat on my kubrow but now it just levitates off of him.
  10. same happened to me had to abort to necralisk and restart
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