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  1. Puncture: not sure why this just reduces damage I feel like it should do another thing like disarm at 10 stacks. Ever been stabbed in the shoulder? Yeah makes things hard to hold. Impact: Getting hit by a car makes you stagger pretty bad so I get it. Heat: great burns nice Shock: great sparky sparky aoe Cold: should freeze for 10s at 10 stacks Toxin: ok it is poison Gas: Should be combustible at 10 stacks with heat the AOE spreading proc would make it useful for interacting with explosions or fire causing a knock down. Corrosive: seems fine for stripping armor. Viral: is op right now but still should spread after nerf cause it is viral... Radiation: makes people crazy... Yep the history checks out. Blast: Reduces accuracy I guess that is helpful. I really miss the knock down for finishers. Magnetic: Magnets near electronics make things stop working. At 10 stacks it should create an emp that disables robots and Sheilds. Void: Should cause a random status effect at a random intensity. The void is strange and unpredictable. At 10 stacks they kneel and begg for death lol jk. Where are the dark and light elements? Maybe this can be accessed as part of our allinment from the story quests. This is just a passable idea didn't think it through lol. Darkness: Causes target to act alerted but they can't see at 10 stacks causes them to run away. Large darkness cloud swirls around them making them scream. Light: Should cause 100% extra health orb drop on death of light damage. 10 stacks causes damage done to heal instead for 6s. Effective against companions and allies.
  2. All other weapon types have unique animations except melee weapons. Could this be changed? This is a minor change I know but I thought it would be cool.
  3. After finishing my equinox day form fashion I can't use it in regular non gameplay like orbiter, relays, cetus, fortuna, and dojos. Please could you make it an option toggle to choose day or night form? I don't want to be forced to be a cross dresser... Haha get it? But seriously I would love to have that as an option.
  4. After working on a great fashion for day equinox I can't ever use it to walk around in non gameplay modes. Can we please have the option to choose which mode to be in when in the dojo, cetus, fortuna, orbiter, and relays?
  5. How did this post become a meaningless boring accounting meeting? 😑 "What does warframe mean to you? " = Accounts Receivable????
  6. I totally agree with this if they didn't care they wouldn't have tried to fix it. They are working their asses off and they have been. I appreciate the positive attitude in the midst of the negative comments.
  7. You know who isn't on here complaining about the game? The new players who are completely overwhelmed with things to do. They will be for a while probably lol. I think I may just go help them 😊. My boyfriend is one of them he is leveling up in Cetus atm. This game does bring people together. It is definitely one of the nicer game communities out there.
  8. Yeah they are on all platforms now I am sure they will get back up there. They have evolved so much and I am proud of them. They will keep evolving I believe in DE. I have spent lots of money on this game more than any other game. Why? because I love it and if you love something you support it. That is how I feel.
  9. They are easier to kill and survive against now. Some people complain their weapons are to weak now against the enemies after a nerf... Then others complain that enemies are too easy because of the Sheild gating, lower armor scaling and the AI is brain dead. You can't please anyone lol. It honestly doesn't matter if weapons or enemies are nerfed if I can beat all game content with Excalibur not even using his abilities. The enemies hardly put up a fight and if they did I am sure someone would complain.
  10. They really only nerfed things to change the meta which honestly doesn't matter much for all of the content in the game since killing enemies with any weapon built right isn't an issue. The game is only getting easier honestly.
  11. I hope instead of spreading negativity and lack of hope based on how things are now. We can be supportive to a great team and give constructive criticism when needed. I believe criticism is important but negativity without care is toxic. Trying to prove a dream is dead and to spread doubt only is a self fulfilling prophecy if you succeed sharing this concept. Yes they lost in revenue but many companies do. When I worked as a player support tech at a popular game company. We would have a booming player base with lots of revenue earned from skins and passes. We did have a time where we lost revenue do to bugs and other issues but they bounced back. I dont work there anymore so I am not sure where they are at now, but with most companies this is how things go. If you love the game then give constructive criticism and support it. If you feel your time isn't being valued then take a break. The game is evolving and if this game does ever end I will look back with fond memories.
  12. I have played this game for 5 years I love it. Of course it has its problems, but at the end of the day they are trying to fix those problems. It is a very torn community and it is hard to please one side without upsetting the other. I feel that most games that I have played end up being fond memories. They had their standard gameplay, increasing layers of difficulty and eventually came to an end. I mastered the game to where I could beat it very quickly. WARFRAME is a great game with endless possibilities. They have come so far from where they started and created a huge world that when going into it is overwhelming. I admit that while the graphics and environment and stunning that the world building is lacking a bit. This game started with really no story and it was just a "kill things with no context" kind of game. I have spent many hours playing Warframe. Mastering weapons getting all the mods, trying new builds. However the builds I make the stronger they are the more trivial the game seems. That is normal for most games you start low level and as you progress the game gets easier. One of my favorite games is a game called Dragons Dogma. You can change the difficulty and the challenge is pretty great and the combat is fun and the enemies are pretty smart and give you a reason to strategise. One can create loads of different builds that are effective in most areas but sometimes you need specific skills to face foes more efficiently. Warframe as a game that wants to keep expanding, keeps the star chart at a pretty low level throughout. The Kuva lich system is new, has more grind and rewards. Getting your lich to lv 5 makes the enemies harder through the star chart. The game is pretty easy, not really because of the enemy lv is low. I can kill lv 5 enemies to lv 100 enemies with about the same effort. I believe It is because the enemy never tries harder. They don't give you a reason to switch it up. Maybe nullifiers and ancient healers need to be taken care of, sure. I tried doing this thing where I made a build that uses no abilities and only used health, defense, and exilus type mods. Still with a decent melee weapon I was able to completely shred Lv 200 enemies in mot and not really worry about dying. Maybe this is a game kinda like Dynasty Warriors that you are just supposed to kill and kill with ease and find cooler ways to do it. I am not sure what their vision is but I still enjoy the game in that mindset. There does need to be a balance though. Scott talked about how content creators only ever use their time to show the game as the practice simulation room. He hated that the actual gameplay wasn't being shown. I completely understand where he is coming from. However, this is the inevitable result of needing challenge. The only way to have a reason to keep creating stronger builds isn't made for the core gameplay. It is for higher level enemies that spawn only in one mission type "survival". The only way to showcase without wasting hours in Mot they believe is to raise their mastery rank and spawn lv 170 enemies. They aren't wrong of course this is a fairly understandable issue. You have players that don't want to put in much work to get good enough to do higher lv content and just feel like they are playing fruit ninja. They just want the rewards. Then you have players who want the game to have higher difficulty and better rewards. Then you just have the artistic players who enjoy the creative side of Warframe. I feel that I am a mix of the last two. Again... what does DE want their game to be and who is it for? I am not sure really, but as is this game is failing both parties. The game is very grindy and is hard enough for casual players to become irritated. Some love the grind but are not feeling challenged or rewarded for the grind. Some just like taking pictures and buying the new cosmetic items. DE I feel that maybe you are conflicted on what to do. You are in a position where you are trying service new players to get them interested. At the same time you are failing your Veterans by not giving them a reason to continue. Why are we even trying to get stronger builds if the content does not call for it? The answer is there isn't one right now. I still enjoy playing this as a hack and slash. Beyond that and if I expect more I believe that will let me down. I understand how pleasing everyone is difficult. I hope you do make changes that create a better core game that is player friendly and also has challenging progression. I am not done with the game I love DE and their integration with the community. I don't think that they aren't listening. it is just when one person has one vision for the game and voices that opinion and it isn't heard. Then that means another voice was heard who has an opposing opinion. Then they say things like "DE isn't listening to their players". I don't think that is true. They just aren't listening to the same criticism. They have progressed in a way coming from such a low point where they could hardly support their staff to a huge explosion in players and content. They have listened to what they have listened to. There are so many voices speaking a different message is it difficult to please anyone. They show they have listened to players with the new changes made to status and damage. They even talked about changing impact and gas procs interaction a week after it was "widely" complained about. I see a lot of hate towards DE and compared to other developers who aren't as involved I don't think it is warranted. With all the Dev streams and the continuous changes being made I think this is just the natural cycle of a FTP game or any ongoing game. I am going to just play another game when I don't feel my time is being used properly. I am not giving up on DE at all I really love this community. Go and put out your concerns and criticism maybe they will hear you... Maybe they won't, that is how everything works. Jobs, talent scouting, scripts, opinions...ect... TLDR I love DE and I am not giving up on them. I just may play something else so I don't get burned out for now. I know they are trying to please two different player bases and it isn't an easy task. Stay safe everyone in this crazy pandemic. P. S. I play PS4 and I heard about Scarlet Spear being bugged and it being another boring mobile defense but I am just going to wait for them to try and fix it like they want to do for us. I believe they care and want to do good by us. They should take more time and not feel too rushed to push out content in this state but bugs are bound to happen, trial, and error.
  13. Ergo the Explosive Energy Warframe. His name comes from the Greek word (Ergon) which means "work". This is a term in physics that describes how energy can be transferred from one place to another, or one form to another. The theme derives from potential and kinetic energy manipulation. Storing potential energy slowly from attacks given and received. Eventually storing up enough energy will result in a penalty explosion or an awesome reward if used correctly. Each damage type can be utilized by Ergo because he can control the way the energy is released once he has contained it safely. He can even convert a status afflicted on him to his own use. Ergo and his backstory: This is how I imagined the Lotus would introduce him: Balance and caution are crucial more than ever. But with a honed sense for danger you can send an equal or much worse force back at your foes. Ergo is the catalyst for a most destructive force. Be careful Tenno few can match this Warframes' explosive nature. With the new stagger system in place I think this frame will be great for players who enjoy risk for reward. This frame can be used for support, defense, and offense. Kind of like a jack of all trades and a master of none unless you put in the "work". Here is a quick picture I drew to show how I pictured him: Warframe has a HUD "Potential energy bar" Looks vaguely like this ( 25%/50%/75%/100% ) -Ergo- Armor- 300 Energy- 150 Health- 200 Shield- 100 Sprint speed- 1.00 Exalted Melee Omnix: Passive: Ability 1 - Conservation: Fire With Fire - Augment: Ability 2 - Catalyst: Critical Mass kick - Augment: Ability 3 - Entropy field: Equilibrium - Augment: Ability 4 - Blast Wind: Augment - Explosive Transferal: For most of Ergos' abilities the duration is determined by the amount of stored Potential Energy and not by mods. Focus on Armor, efficiency, power strength, and range. You can forget power strength to go full CC as most abilities focus on status and damage of exalted weapon. Using power strength is good for some abilities but his abilities are not spammable at least at full strength. He is more of a CC team helper and when he charges up he can deal heavy damage for 20s and then you will go back to 25% or no energy and return to CC and helping your team with damage reduction and adding great damage types to their weapons. The slash damage chop is very thin but has long reach; it is meant for mostly single targets or hitting enemies in a line. Meant for players who enjoy balance and waiting for the perfect moment to turn the tables and obliterate a target. Abilities synergize with each other to give a methodical way to play around with builds. I did my best to let me know what you think. Peace
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