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  1. Theres a bug with the Broken Scepter, where if its selected to be invisible when holstered, still has the effects appear when holstered
  2. In my opinion the creds shouldnt be a reward but given each rank up alongside the actual rewards
  3. Im MR 11 and got it done this week
  4. I wouldnt increase the chance, but make it somehow so its incresable by doing something, for example capturing alot of fugitives in one week, or before another chapter
  5. Very noice, could we get second colours for armors tho ?
  6. Thanks for hotfix, will harkonar armor lighting be fixed btw ?
  7. They are planning on adding parts, in exploiters drop pool is hildryn parts so just wait for that
  8. They are gonna add it in next update, they had to remove whole part of deck 12 cuz u can get in with glitches
  9. When will Harkonar armor set lighting/no shininess bug be fixed ? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198082482516/screenshot/984506007708047672
  10. Thanks for the hotfixes but dont forget to take a break, also theres a visual glitch with commander helmet
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