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  1. That’s what I do, load up the twitch app start streaming and put my phone back on my belt clip and keep working turn it off after an hour or so to make sure I got the drop.
  2. I got the challenge completed yesterday and then logged on today it was still there. Same thing as the suspend 5 enemies with heavy attack on nightwave won’t complete
  3. It doesn’t bother me I keep tabs on the PC updates and get my clan prepped for it then wait the usual 2 to 4 weeks for it to be ours.
  4. The opening post talked about this..... they are changing how they do things with announcements, basically in development then live.
  5. Or just that. We do drop a lot of credits into just buying the blueprint then to start them. And except for mutagen mass (usually) can have them constantly going.
  6. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have that craft x5 or x10. Actually use the materials up for them.
  7. My clan and I just used Profit Taker to level up our mechs, infinite spawn in took about 20 to 30 minutes from 0 to 40 to max them out.
  8. The weapon is fun and solid but that hand grenade Mag mechanic is a real hinderance. Shooting enemies only to hard stop at an empty magazine then throw it. I feel it should stay the same just have a counter for at least one magazine you can throw at will with alt fire to balance it out.
  9. Got a riven with 100% negative status duration, so no melee hit will inflict a status correct?
  10. Did you max Nercamech? I had the 5,998 when I needed to max out Nezha so that amount is two weapons or frame/companion.
  11. Is Fortuna and Cetus going to get a “token” treatment like Deimos? You can do two T5 missions on Deimos and be max standing for the day, Fortuna has Kubrodon bunting for quick standing (token be better so can stock pile) and Cetus is just lacking. Thoughts?
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