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  1. I apologize I couldn’t find anything that explained like how the dot damage is used by a heavy attack that force procs slash. Basically asking due to a zaw machete being impact based more so would the slash proc be less or is the formula based off the damage and not the actual slash stat?
  2. Honestly Loki Prime might be the free frame this Tennocon
  3. Playing the new Defense Railjack mission just seems like a drag. Have to do 10 to 15 minutes of work to just get to the defense and it’s the huge map and slow moving so another 8 to 10 minutes for 5 rounds. I feel with it being railjack the boarding crew could be doing something like stealing the cryopod to bring back to the railjack and being supported by the railjack (energy replenishing or support fire to slow enemies down) clearing blockades on their ship to stop us. Etc I feel you can do a lot to make railjack more intense and fun game mode.
  4. I think I’ll echo everybody else with the time spent in Void Storm seems pointless after you get the frame/gun parts. Like some others have said open multiple relics per mission would be good. I was thinking make it like “survival” on Railjack, every 5 minutes if you got reactant you choose a reward then pick a new relic and go back to the objectives you got left to do since the missions do take roughly 10 to 15 just speed rushing on exterminate. It could also be a way to farm Sevogath better too. Like A drop (5 minutes) be neuros, B (10) Chassis, C (15) systems drop. S
  5. Glad I’m not the only one was flying through that purple drop cosmic crushed it no pop up or reward after mission.
  6. Just Figure I ask, have you tried it with Titania to see if it completes? Usually I shoot the vehicle and then cast her 1 on the pilot on the ground (makes them float) so it still counts for the different types of “before they hit the ground” riven challenges.
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