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  1. This is the second time this has happened. Basically, I collect 10 traces in the mission. all other traces on the map disappear, as expected, but I do not get a "relic opened" notification. I also receive the appropriate void trace amount for successfully opening a relic; but when I reach extraction, I am treated as if I do not have a relic/have not opened one. The relic I was attempting to use is also consumed. I suspect it is a glitch in matchmaking, as both times this happened some other MM-related glitch/error/nofunzone also occurred, such as a host transfer right upon joining, or being
  2. Incorrect. as I stated, I have maxed viper wraith, but viper wraith doesnt appear in my codex. Additionally, this is not the case for the player profile completion list; as they appear as rank 0 grayed icons.
  3. Seriously DE, why are so many weapons not present in the equipment codex? like the viper wraith, or until recently, the synoid weapons; do you still earn affinity for these unlisted weapons? Oddly enough, twin viper wraith is listed, while viper wraith is unlisted. I've maxed both, but Baro doesn't show a mastery symbol next to viper wraith.
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