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  1. I like this idea, because many mods are so bad and DE thinks they're fine because we're supposed to be killing only up to lvl 40 enemies.
  2. You don't need rivens, yes, when fighting "high level" enemies. By "high level" enemies, that's level 35-40 according to devs. God forbid if you want to push over an hour of arbitrations and you don't have the damage.
  3. Bait and Switch that's called, but for stradavar prime to be nerfed right on its first day of release doesn't sound like it.
  4. This game's community is never close to even being good at all, given how condescending some replies in this forum and reddit are. In game, player's actions are toxic enough i.e. leaving at Hydron wave 5.
  5. Nah mate, it's everywhere. The warframe community isn't as great as some people made it to be.
  6. Your heavy blade skin didn't make it through 😞 I was hyped for that one.
  7. Orb Vallis is probably the only place you can fight corpus without the broken band-aid unit that are nullifiers, unless level 3 alert or so.
  8. Or even better, the enchanting system in Diablo 3.
  9. Every time I had to level my stuff up to MR27, I prayed, and that happens only 20% of the time, and some of the rest consist of players bringing in unmodded weapons and/or warframes, taking about 10 minutes to clear 5 waves of Hydron before quitting. I have a Saryn yet I can't level my own weapons and companions and require another saryn to help out. Yet we have these ungrateful bunch trying to kill the golden egg.
  10. Disposition of anything below 1.0, especially those closer to 0.5, makes it hard for people to get desirable stats on those. Please just tweak disposition from 0.5-1.5, to 1.0-2.0.
  11. I was hoping for the hotfix that removes forma, ayatan sculpture and gilding challenge, what we get? A bigger chore with exterminate.
  12. Maybe someone else has mentioned it but in Arbitrations, Nidus parasitic link is as good as nonexistent because of drones.
  13. This only makes it far harder for solo players without better rewards to compensate, and for the record I don't really do arbitration with a group because of Host Migration, that's it.
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