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  1. I'd be safe with a Limbo around, because I know he will protect us from his allies.
  2. Just look at how fast 1650 shields get depleted by a few shots from the Grineer. Most frames do not have damage reduction mechanics on their own and without things like adaptation or ancient healer specters, the shields go down really fast without effort.
  3. The only corpus unit(s) that needs nerfs are nullifiers, they shouldn't even exist. Corpus being hard-hitting is good difficulty on its own, there is no need for nullifiers at all.
  4. Is articula segregated by numbers? I didn't know we have articula 1 to 4 or more.
  5. I don't even like Eidolons, Rubico doesn't need to be used only in those dreaded missions. Yeah, with DE's idea, Rivens are balanced on how well they fare against lvl 30 enemies.
  6. Riven disposition close to 0.5 is hardly worth making a slot for it, and many other non-mandatory mods aren't worth picking due to low stats. These are fair examples (I don't own many low disposition popular rivens because my unveiling luck is horrid) Disposition range needs to be increased, from 0.5 - 1.5 to 1.0 - 2.0 at least, so powerful weapons can still enjoy benefits of a good riven mod while unpopular weapons can be massively boosted further.
  7. Minimum disposition must be tweaked to 1.0. The stats at 0.5 or close to it, is absolutely horrid, equal or worse than the other trash mods that DE has to offer.
  8. Disposition of anything below 1.0, especially those closer to 0.5, makes it hard for people to get desirable stats on those. Please just tweak disposition from 0.5-1.5, to 1.0-2.0.
  9. Riven disposition can use a tweak, like disposition not going below 1.0.
  10. Arcanes should be strictly eidolons only, but NOT focus shards.
  11. Drones beyond lvl 200 are hard to take down even with sharksun certus brace, a radiation catchmoon or rubico fares much better at it. Arbitration drones prevent many frames from working properly , limbo included. Why do people think their e-peen sized cataclysm are so much worth showing to the world? Limbo is made for solo or heavily coordinated play.
  12. All Orb Mothers should also drop focus, can't leave millions of focus points only to eidolon hunters.
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