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  1. Imagine discovering a rift in the void that brings you back in time (much like the rifts in the old derelict spy vaults that bring you back in time). The rift brings you back to a time where the Orokin were at their peak, and the open world is a sprawling Orokin metropolis. Streets would be bustling, prominent skylines as far as the eye can see, large golden landscapes everywhere, and of course, primed Orokin security hunting you down. The story would take you to the events that would lead to the downfall of the Orokin, and you would get to witness for yourself the massacre and downfall of the
  2. I honestly don't see why they aren't. Some of these augments are actually straight upgrades that feel like they should be part of the kit by default, and it sucks that you have to give up a slot for it.
  3. Is Pull much better than Paralysis with its augment? I might consider getting it if ever.
  4. I didn't know this but Firewalker apparently gives status immunity, as someone here pointed out earlier. Definitely on my radar now.
  5. I was thinking Larva too, but its radius got a nerf. Maybe I'll go with Ensnare for a CC build instead,
  6. Definitely gonna try out Roar eventually, but It's such an easy choice and I want to experiment with something other than a straight damage buff first. Like maybe a good CC skill that'll fit well with a melee playstyle.
  7. Alright fellow Valkyr mains (yes all 12 of us lmao). It seems the rework our favorite frame needs isn't coming any time soon, so this new Helminth system is at least the next best thing. What ability are you giving her and what are you replacing? Personally, I've been thinking of putting Silence on her and getting rid of Paralysis (I still use her 1st ability for giggles). I'd love to hear your choices and the rationale behind them!
  8. Oh forreal? That's pretty disappointing
  9. Now that this ability is being given away to any frame, it's about time this gets fixed. When your Warcry is active, and the counter reaches single digits, subsequently killing enemies will increase the timer as advertised by the Eternal War mod, BUT your attack speed buff is gone. The only fix is to stop melee-ing, and re-cast Warcry and bam you've got your attack speed buff again. This happens often. It doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough for it to be a nuisance. Please finally fix this. It's been a longstanding issue.
  10. I get your point. DE needs to re-order the rewards for the mastery system. Some of it just doesn't make any sense.
  11. Can we change how the K-drive slows down when you let go of the forward button in mid-air? It'd be way more fun if after building up speed and jumping, the speed carries over and you'd be free to do whatever the heck in mid-air while you keep your forward momentum. edit: also, same idea for grinding on rails. You don't see Tony Hawk players holding the up button to keep their speed up when jumping or grinding. I feel it'd just make sense momentum wise, and would make K-driving more fun and fluid.
  12. It's literally just a riven mod. It's so easy to get rivens now. Sorties, Requiem Relics, Steel Path farming, etc. This is in no way "shunning players" who don't purchase frames with cash.
  13. Hmm I disagree. Damage dealt can be considered irrelevant in a lot of missions. Try running around with the classic status Kohm in an exterminate mission. You can end up racking up the most kills (which is what should be key in an exterminate mission), but lose the most damage dealt stat to some guy who killed 10 enemies with a high damage dealing weapons. At that point, damage dealt just feels inconsequential.
  14. I think it looks cool lol. I don't really see any unanimous hatred. Just people agreeing that some tweaks need to be made for more efficient use of space.
  15. "Your weapons make music, and the enemy calls for a song."
  16. Yeeees thanks for the reply! The fact that she's been on your radar is good enough for me lol. More power to you, yo! I love your work ❤️
  17. Please BeastBuster. Bless Valkyr with your aesthetic 🙏
  18. Yes. The main outrage wasn't exactly the nerf to the abilities anyway. It's the fact that DE said they're making that change so that those abilities don't become the overwhelming choice. If the goal is to increase player choice, it's just disappointing that their solution to that is to make the best abilities worse instead of making the other available abilities better.
  19. That's the thing. She's needed a rework for some time. Valkyr mains have been asking for a rework for years now, but we've always been ignored. It's come to the point that the only way DE is going to notice that Valkyr needs a rework is if they see Valkyr become nothing more than Helminth food after this update.
  20. Great ideas all around. This just made me remember how good the Paralysis augment actually is. I just wish it were part of her kit by default instead of being an augment. edit: the more I think about it the more I'm digging your idea for Paralysis. It makes way more sense to have it draw power from your melee weapon instead of shields. It's thematically and functionally more exciting.
  21. It's a terrible fix to just nerf Warcry for everyone else. It won't make Valkyr any better. I'm glad they picked Warcry to give away. I actually want Valkyr's player count to tank further so that DE can FINALLY look at the rest of her kit and rework it.
  22. The Helminth System being at a lower MR than the rank that allows you to auto socket Ayatan Sculptures makes zero sense. DE needs to rearrange the MR rewards asap.
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