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  1. Sakunai

    Reactor Sabotage 2.0

    Looks awesome! I can't wait to play it!
  2. Sakunai

    Update 18.4.0

    Best. Update. Ever.
  3. Yes! I am going to level up as much as possible before November 17...
  4. Sakunai

    Update 14.5: Operation Cryotic Front!

    I really love how you skipped 14.3, and 14.4. :P Awesome update regardless! :)
  5. Ohhh, so that's why my Loki looks a lot darker now... Cool. GO Steve! :D
  6. Sakunai

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

    5:44AM... Dam... That's dedication... I love you guys! <3
  7. Sakunai

    Hotfix 13.9.1

    Was hoping for 14, but this is cool too! Thanks DE!
  8. Sakunai


  9. Sakunai

    Update 13.5.0: Edo Armor & Nami Solo

    Red crits are back! Wohoooo!! And those Ash clones... I love you DE!
  10. Sakunai

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    HTML is a beauty isn't it? :P EDIT: I love you DE. :)
  11. Sakunai

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #27!

    Not to mention latency. Latency is a much bigger issue.
  12. Sakunai

    Update 12.5.0: Helios

    Finally, a new sentinel for me to play with! :) I love you DE!
  13. Sakunai

    Hotfix 12.4.6: Luck O' The Lotus!

    Don't let Little Leprechauns steal all your Platinum DE... Londoners can get pretty crazy on days like today... :P
  14. Sakunai

    Update 12.4.0

    Beautiful! As always, I love you DE! :)
  15. Sakunai

    Hotfix 12.2.1

    Hopefully my Legendary cores are here now... :P EDIT: Where are Legendary Cores show up? With all the other fusion cores? Cuz I don't see mine... :( EDIT#2: I spoke too soon, they have arrived! Thanks DE! I love you! :)