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  1. im just using a solid 75% to calculate im just assuming that the numbers could suddenly change sooo...
  2. it says right in the notes bruh so really im technically not wrong sooo...
  3. A 75% reduction to the endo in arbitrartions might not be a good idea tbh.... SO with that said if we do some math, then we can calculate that 75%=0.75, so if we go with the 1,300 endo from Rotation A currently, and divide that by 0.75 we get a strange number of 1,733.3333333... but for the sake of time we'll just use 1,733 instead. if we then go 1,733 - 1,300 we get what we would be essentially getting in Rotation A after the update of 433 endo per rotation A, leading to 866 endo for both rotation A's... for a quick summery of the other two rotations here's what the endo would probably look like after words. for rotation B, 1,600/0.75= 2,133 -1600 = 533, and for rotation C, 2000/0.75 = 2,666 - 2000 = 666 endo for the remaining endo... this effectively makes getting endo not worth it in arbitrations in my honest opinions, as i like doing the Interceptions for quick and easy endo every rotation, Excavations are also nice but to me interception is more fun to play overall if anyone wishes to expand on this math by all means go ahead.
  4. yeahh this reward in my eyes is not worth it. we need better rewards for the game modes already in the game, i don't want something that can help my amps, when i can go to the usual places players go to level their equipment. i want something in the rewards that is actually worth it in the long run, and not something that seems rather.... redundant. maybe have something like umbral forma or something in the drops for the lua tile set, that makes the most sence there, then have Kuva in the Kuva tileset, just having something in the game mode thats actually worth it will keep the players invested in disruption, but the echo's pf umbra to me are not worth it tbh.
  5. To be frankly honest, I think it would be great if we can get a list of the previous Nightwave missions in like another tab/section so we can see what we all missed. This will more then likely alleviate some of the currently existing issues still present in Nightwave. This will also help players "Catch up faster" to some degree as we can choose as the player, what to complete after we finish our weekly's, assuming if we missed multiple weeks of Nightwave during that series. This helps greatly as we are not just limited to Just three recovered Missions that I assume are recovered at random from the ones missed, Correct me if i am mistaken here, clarification is this part would help as I don't know how the recovered part works exactly to be honest. This kinda helps some players (Myself included) from doing three acts that have been recovered that we just straight up don't like doing.
  6. tbh id rather have a place to where i can farm them rather then having a massively high price tag attached to them...
  7. this bug seems to be rather annoying, D.e Please fix broken arcane slot.... thnk you.
  8. sound quake/ resonating quake....
  9. Tbh if you think sayrn as gonna mess things up in your squad then just be like me and leave the squad to avoid the impending boredom. thats what i do, frames i especially look out for in this case are mesa, saryn, equinox, and banshee, granted i haven't seen a banshee in a while so that has yet to be seen...
  10. Some Saryn spore love. also on my deviantart here as well https://www.deviantart.com/jakestanly
  11. that is exactly why i don't do nightwave either too grindy...
  12. it requires 4 normal forma... i saw that was like not worth it... plus 10 nitain on top of that
  13. aand just like that im not unlocking abitrations... not anytime soon anyways... almost seems not worth the endless grind. This just looks down right discouraging to me. As far as I'm concerned the rewards are pretty bland and not worth it, on top of that the cost to actually get the rivens is god awful. then the cost of making the aura forma.. after that you lost me... Greatly... not hopping on that band wagon till something worth while shows up as a reward for doing it.
  14. Okay so if the revive mechanic is actually going to be added then we should have something in place so that we (as in the player) don't accidentally pick up the drops needed to revive a player. Just like how picking up a data mass works in Mobile Defense should be at play when in Arbitrations, because that seems to be a big issue currently as well. I also kind of agree with changing the color of the drones link in the missions should be done as well, sometimes in game i notice it kinda gets jarring to look at after a while, not to mention what the drones actually do should be changed as well. well from what I've seen anyways...
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