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  1. XxX-E-motoSama-XxX Age: This shell is 18 years of age. (I've gone through too many shells to count, clone bodies degenerate easily). Listening to: The World is Mine, by Hatsune Miku You can call me the number one princess in the world, and my peons will eviscerate you for your insolence. I'm really the True Heir to the Orokin Civilization! I have many clods at my beck and call, but they are idiots and only worthy of being made into protein slurry. I'm looking for someone who will serve me without question, but isn't useless. Make me happy by reestablishing the Grineer Empire throughout the Origin System, and you will be my loving Consort of Darkness for ETERNITY (seriously, I can teach you to be immortal). I need companionship after the recent loss of my Dearest Elder Sister (#gunsoutforoneechan #tennoskuum #tennoshotfirst) While not overseeing a million legions of rotting genome soldiers, I consider myself a video idol, and I make announcements to encourage cooperation and loyalty. Must enjoy dark red mood lighting, red and black uniforms, red and black designs, red and black viscous substances, red and black whorls, be comfortable with having my guards watch you at all times, and being near machine-gun security systems. I'm allergic to kavats, unless they are specifically bred hairless. Kurbos are okay.
  2. From Baruuk's monk-like theme and name (based on the Semetic term for "Blessed" or possibly the one for "Lightning/shining"), a better name for the fourth ability could be something to do with Names or Words of Power. Another phrase that could be used for ability 1 is Closing of Ways, a similar term for K'fitzat ha-Derekh or the later derived Kwisatz Haderach from Dune. (Given the dodging cone can be likened to a predictive model or a shortcut that forces damage to bypass the hitbox) Ability 2 I'm having a hard time thinking of something other than Frisson, while ability 3 could also have a few reasons for the disbarment. It could be from awe, submission, or a Moment Without.
  3. What about Titania's passive? Does that see a change?
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