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  1. So I was inspired my the Tenno Sun and Moon morality system. I though at some point with the children of Cetus hearing stories about the Tenno and their battles I thought someone would eventually make a mask to represent the balance of the Tenno morality. I though some people of Cetus would have heard about the Tenno morality representation especially after reaching the Kin ranking. Since all the masks sold by Nakak are used by the children to play/ reenact battles and stories about the Tenno, I thought there would be a mask of sorts for someone who's "in charge" like a peace keeper or overseer in case things get too crazy or out of hand when the children play, so let them have them fun but reel them back in when things get heated. (I tried to make it in the Cetus mask style (like the paper texture) and also I do not have the steadiest of hands so no go on straight lines)
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