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  1. Not wanting to go offtopic, but how about that anti-Corpus frame has the ability to "jack in" the security systems and fight agaisnt the cyber Corpus or something while the other Tenno's have the defend him. 


    Kinda like they did in Saints Row3 as seen here: 

     ( starts at 2:00)


    But the dragon frame should deffo be your baby deserving all the attention :)

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  2. Long have we waited for this day...


    When, at last, our child would return to us...


    Welcome home.




    Dragon faces off against the Progenitor, armed with his favored Heat Glaive (the polearm, not the chakram).


    Anyhoo! This is for those who were wondering what Dragon's back might look like, jetpack and all. (Notice also the ports on the back of the boots.)

    Wow, reminds me of Berserk. You definetly have the drawing skills to do an anime version of Warframe. Very nice job. Devs take notice of this talent!

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