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  1. And people thought he was awkward to get before. There's a lot of grinds like this that need to be addressed, like ambassador for another example, given just how many separate grinds there are. Anyways, good luck tenno.
  2. According to the stats for 2020, the furis has the exact same usage as as the mk1-kunai. Given that mod is not something an early player would use/have access to, and that by the time a player does have access to it they've likely got better ways of healing, I think it's very probable that the usage stats are driven in very large part by it being a beginner weapon.
  3. It's the goddam 1 minute timers that are the real pain. I mean, what's the point other than to cause frustration? Get rid of them. Keep the 3 day frame timers, but get rid of the 60 second ones.
  4. Like all prime variants, he'll get a very minor stat boost. He'll be shinier though :-)
  5. You only get the bonuses applicable to the weapon currently equipped. These do not give any bonus to melee damage. They boost gun damage only. The bonuses do not stack, however the increase in combo duration does stack if you have a r5 on both primary and secondary, giving you a bonus 15 seconds for a total of 20 sec combo duration. To be honest, I don't know if the holster speed stacks or not, can't tell the difference from one arcane to both arcanes. The stacks also decay one at a time, unlike merciless. And given the stack duration is 20 seconds, its very easy to maintain. Link to wiki page - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Primary_Dexterity
  6. Gonna have to stop you there bud. Thats a whole lot of complete bunkum you wrote there. I'm no white knight and often talk about things in game that I think could be better, but you simply cannot say that de doesn't do anything the community asks for. Your example of the cryophon change is miniscule, its one gun thats part of one system. Many weapons have been changed over the years. As for saying de's lack of communication with the community is shocking, you're having a laugh right? I'm not aware of any dev team that communicates with their players as much as de do.
  7. There's also the point that most of us are probably (hopefully? ) intelligent enough to not click on random links taking us to god knows what.
  8. DE are in a no win situation if they start replying to posts in GD or even FB. If they do reply to someone, then other people get annoyed when de don't also answer them. It gives the illusion that the mods/devs are reading everything, and that's not possible. I think it would actually create more problems than it would solve.
  9. All I can predict is that warframe will continue to evolve. What can be said with certainty is that the existing content won't disappear, so it will always be a grindy, crazy, space shooter with elements drawn from numerous games. Any player who likes the hallway style gameplay, or the open worlds, or railjack will still have the same game to play. However, from what we've seen, the new war brings with it a completely different style of gameplay. That by itself is exciting, because we don't know what new things might evolve from it. For example, a lot of players would love to see raids return. A big stumbling block to that is designing a raid that is challenging given how supremely capable we are at demolishing any "hard" content de try and introduce. A new style of gameplay may facilitate the development of raids as it would allow de to introduce a new set of rules. All speculation of course. We've also got the big unknown that is the duviri paradox and distant hints at a tau system. Given the size and loyalty of the fan base, I think wf will be around for years to come.
  10. Oh yes they had complexity, but nothing like we have now, come on. You seriously can't compare the complexity of a game like Half Life, with a game like warframe - the technology simply didn't exist to create that complexity. And yeah, sometimes you may not know something for ages like you said, but that happens in every walk of life. You don't know what you don't know.
  11. I agree to a point. The self discovery in wf is great, I'm not advocating removing that really. Everything shouldn't be explained. As for tutorials not being liked, depends how its done really. It doesn't have to be a quest, or some long list of tasks. But a bit of an explanation would be good, for example when you open your relic station. I.e., this is what a relic is, you get stuff when you open it, different parts have different drop chances, you can increase the drop chance using void traces which you get as a by product of opening them. Now lets go look at your nav console and well show you where to find the missions you can do to open them.....etc. A couple of minutes and its done and that new player now knows everything they need in order to find, refine, and open relics. That might all seem bloody obvious to us, but it isn't necessarily obvious to a complete newbie. And it does no harm.
  12. Ah, pre-internet gaming. Being someone who was around back then, I remember it well. One of the things I also remember is that games were a lot simpler. They also usually (but not always) game with little booklets that explained the few mechanics they did have. On top of that, there was quite an industry in selling official guide books that went into a lot more depth. Take a game like Half Life for example (not really pre Internet, but certainly not part of the gaas era either) (also, Half Life 3 when ffs). One of the best games in history imo. Very immersive, great story, great gameplay, great everything really. Exceptionally easy to get into though, simple systems, and even despite its relative simplicity, there were a plethora of guides published. My point is, games have evolved and become drastically more complicated than those good old days. And with that evolution comes the need for better explanation of how the games work. Back then we had guide books, now we have google, same thing really. However, the more a game can explain itself without expecting players to go off and do research in the wilds of the interwebs the better imo.
  13. You seem to be getting a tad worked up, there's no need, I'm just trying to have a discussion. I'm not stating anything as being "fact". Of course its my opinion, just like what you've said is your opinion. Thats all good. Literally no one is starting a social justice war about this, thats ridiculous. I just find it odd that obviously experienced players don't think there's any need to improve the early experience players have, thereby helping player retention. Not everyone will like wf, of course not, and if you don't like a game it's of course correct to play something else, thats so blindingly obvious it really doesn't need to be stated ad nauseum. I think the issue is that wf is losing a lot of players who may otherwise have become long-term, invested, players at an early stage because of the lack of direction. After all, there's a lot of competition out there. If you don't agree, thats fine, all good. But I would hope you'd agree that adding a few tutorials to aid players in understanding some of the core systems and mechanics wouldn't harm the game. In my "opinion", that would only be a positive overall.
  14. I agree, the number who quit before the 2 hr mark doesn't really mean anything, there's just too many variables that could cause it. I'd wager a huge number of players download it simply because it's free and are curious, then find it's not their cup of tea. I doubt if a lack of an early tutorial system is that big a factor at this point cos its just too early to realise its even an issue. It would be much more useful to know, say, how many quit before 40 hours, as by that point the complete lack of any tutorial system would likely be a larger factor. Of course, its not possible to know a players reason for quitting for sure.
  15. I agree, but you're taking it to the extreme. There's a vast area in between where more could be done. I also agree part of this game is figuring stuff out, and I like that tbh. But there's too much to figure out all at once when you're new. Having a better early level tutorial system of some kind would only be beneficial for the game. And of course no game can cater to all playstyles. That's a rather silly, typically forum-esque response that often gets trotted out whenever someone points out a shortcoming with the game. Its basically saying, if you don't like it how it is, f off. Instead of, hmmm, there's a bit of a problem here where a few things could be improved, let's see what we can do.
  16. Lol. Honestly surprised at the number of veteran players in this thread who seem to think the new player experience is OK, based purely on their own personal experience of them finding it OK. The NPE in wf is awful. Saying "just use the codex" is daft considering how lacking it is in content. Saying "stop playing and go look up the wiki online" is not helpful, players want to play. Dont get me wrong, I dont think it's possible for the game to explain everything. And having some self discovery is really great. But wf dumps you in your orbiter at the end of the starter mission with pretty much no direction whatsoever. There's a number of reasons why the majority of new players quit early on, and the feeling of being completely lost is a big one. It would benefit everyone if more new players stuck with the game - easier to get squads, more vibrant community, better trading, more money for de so more/better updates and more. Telling them to basically go read stuff and stop whining isn't good for anybody.
  17. Yeah, they might have stats like that. Or, they might have forgotten nyx is permanently unvaulted. My money is on the latter lol.
  18. In my opinion, it wouldn't be a bad idea to literally half the grind up to and including fortuna. And I'm speaking as someone who ground out everything the hard way on release. Why? The game is honestly huge. Its daunting for any new player coming into the game now. They see the cool stuff, the new game modes, the awesome weapons etc but then, when its explained what they need to do to get to that point, its just crushing. I see it all the time in my clan and alliance. New players literally lost, hamstrung by standing caps and time gates. The thought of putting maybe 1k hours in just to catch up to where the game is at now, only to by the time you've got there find your still miles off the newest content cos the game keeps progressing and adding new stuff which you've now also got to catch up with. Players leave the game in droves before they even reach mr12. A big factor is they just don't feel like they'll ever catch up, the mountain is too high. Sure, established players can breeze through stuff as it's released, because that's all the content they have. Now think how awful it must be to try and grind poe, fortuna, deimos, quests, mr, star charts, railjack etc all at the same time. Its sad when you have a bright-eyed, excited, new player, and then 2 months later they're depressed and losing interest fast only because they feel like they'll never catch up- and realistically, unless they no life the game for a looong time, they might very well never catch up. Anyone who was around for release of poe has no idea how daunting this game is now for new players. Even joining the game when fortuna was released was a cakewalk compared to now.
  19. Honestly hilarious that they're unvaulting a permanently unvaulted frame. Those prime accessories must be hella good.
  20. I'll be honest, I can see your pov, however I simply don't agree with your conclusions. Your first point - pretty much all new weapons are good. And by good, I mean capable of clearing the main star chart. Not all are as good when it comes to SP though. And like I said, good is subjective. Your idea of good may be very different from mine (for example, I quite like the Ambassador, which seems to be a minority position around here lol). Your second point - similar to what I said above tbh. Fodder will be different from player to player. Its generally a lot of older weapons that are put in this category, or new weapons that aren't blatant power creep on existing weapons (Ambassador again). I dont think it would harm the game at all if de made the weakest weapons more viable, would be great in fact. What I think would harm the game is making the stronger weapons weaker in the name of balance, which you admit is your position. Your third point - Maybe I misunderstood this sentence. I read this as advocating power creep as a reason to grind new weapons. Your point is correct though. Unless it's a weapon a player likes for some arbitrary personal reason or just the mr points, why would you? Its the slow power creep that makes a lot of players go grind the new shinies. If the Ambassador is the same as my stahlta which is the same as my tiberon, which is the same as my stradavar, which is the same as my hind (and so on all the way back to braton), why would you be interested in it, beyond those personal reasons of course. And in a game where most "content" is just grinding new weapons, without power creep being the bait on the hook, lots of players wouldn't bother because they're no better than what they already have. Ergo, no content and bored players. In my opinion, power creep is a fundamental part of the game. Its needed. It breaks whatever the current meta is and keeps us busy. Making every weapon equally viable creates stagnation because a large chunk of players have lost the motivating reason to keep playing. Players want stronger weapons, not weapons that do the same as they've already got. Peace. Edit - just want to point out, the second quote says it was by me, it wasn't, it was me quoting PublikDomain, but from within an early post by me in which I quoted him (if that makes sense). Imma give up trying to explain that lol.
  21. I think you missed the sarcasm.....
  22. Another frost and ember unvault coming soon lol
  23. And this is the biggest problem when it comes to trying to create balance. Players will, if not immediately, then darned quickly find strategies that completely circumvent the mechanics introduced in an attempt to create that balance. Look at SE farming as an example. Its like a game with players on one side and devs on the other. Devs introduce a mechanic, players find a way to optimise the hell out of it beyond anything imagined by the devs. The devs change the mechanic to remove the current most optimised method, players find another one, and so on and on and on. In this example the devs do seem to be winning though, at least for now lol.
  24. Yet you were the one stating that your idea of balance is all content, weapons and strategies should be equal. You're right, without constantly increasing the power of weapons, even in small increments, there is no reason to grind for a new weapon - apart from mr of course which is a huge driver for many many players in this game. There's also of course completionists/collectors who have to have everything. However, your statement that we all chase the new shiny is not correct. Some do, others don't. I know plenty players who have played for years and never cracked mr20 or mr 25. I'm sure you do as well. They've no interest in grinding fodder. As for this sentence "wouldn't it be better if you knew that every item you bought or farmed would be good?", well most weapons actually are, broadly speaking. There are some that are obviously just crap and of course others at the opposite end of the scale that are waaay above the average. You used the Ambassador as an example, that gun may not be top top tier, but it's certainly good. I use it in SP regularly for example. There's also the fact that "good" is subjective. Maybe I'm just not following what you're saying properly, but you seem to have went from wanting complete balance where everything is equal, to advocating power creep as a justification to grind new stuff. Seems contradictory.
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