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  1. I gotta be honest mate, personally I've not had any problems killing my corpus lichs regardless of level. Obviously, I've seen all the posts from players who have found it tough. Thats always gonna happen though, especially with players who don't yet have all the toys like arcanes, all mods maxed out, fully forma'd builds on just about everything etc. But in a team of 4 players, lichs are, at least to me, pretty easy. Playing solo you just need to have a bit of awareness to your surroundings. They're fun and the grind being reduced is great, but they're not a huge challenge. But, if its making some players use tactics other than just brute force, thats cool.
  2. Skins are nice though. Ogris skin is awesome. Youll like them when you get them. It is a convoluted pita process, agree with you. Dont think they had an option on console, skins came out months ago as pc only. Consoles can't use other launchers. It was either a gotl or bought with plat which wouldn't have been fair. Hey, console got the better end of the stick for once.
  3. If you're struggling and trying to do this solo, stop. Do it with matchmaking open so you have teammates. Also, ask for help in recruiting, something as simple as "please help me kill my lich" and you'll likely get a flurry of replies cos everyone wants thralls right now. Try using nezha or rhino for status immunity. Swap weapons so you're resetting her damage reduction. Mod for whatever damage type she's vulnerable to. And next time, try and figure out your mods/sequence without leveling it up to 5, makes life easier. Do make sure and down her three times though so she disappears and allows other players lichs to spawn though. You don't have to parazon her every time she appears.
  4. Sure, I know everything comes down to basically whats the return on investment. That's business, and de is a business first and foremost. However, if they done something interesting with pvp, you may find quite a few players go try it, and a few may actually like it. DE certainly have the skill to come up with an interesting twist. But, not adding anything would certainly be the safe path. DE do have a reputation for taking the crazy path though. Hell, I don't know how I ended up arguing for the pvp side lol.
  5. Tbh, i can't see de actually pursuing pvp to any extent, they know their bread is buttered on the pve side. However, like I said before, giving something to the pvp community wouldn't hurt the game at all. Hell, given the resentment they're shown whenever the pvp topic comes up, I think you could easily make the argument they deserve something just for their resilience. Doesnt have to be much either, maybe a few new pvp only mods, a new map or two. We're all here because we like warframe (or at least, most of us do). That spark that keeps us engaged and coming back for more can be different for everybody and thats absolutely ok. The pvp community is small, can't get away from that. But by gosh, they're dedicated. No harm in giving them some love too. We all lift together.
  6. I'm a long time d2 player so I know what you mean. However just cos bungie have never properly separated pve and pvp in order to balance each mode individually, doesn't mean thats how it would be in wf. DE seem to be ahead of bungie in quite a few areas when it comes to dev ability. And bear in mind, I'm not even a pvp fan, I'm just not one of those pve players who start frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of pvp in wf.
  7. Gotta say, its kinda funny how darned worked up the players who don't like pvp get whenever pvp is mentioned. I'm no fan myself tbh, don't have the reflexes these days, but I have no problem with those who do like pvp getting something. They've been a pretty patient, long-suffering bunch.
  8. As someone who thinks mechs are, tbh, just blooming daft, I'm happy de seem to have stepped away from adding them to all star chart missions. I hope they take more steps away from the subject. Yes, that is just my own rather selfish opinion but I'm sticking to it.
  9. Took me 145 larvalings to get my first bramma. Got plenty after that though. Just how it is. 1st time, 10th time, 100th time - you'll get it when the loot gods smile upon you.
  10. You'll notice there wasn't 50 odd enemies on screen at all times shooting him from multiple directions.
  11. THIS ^^^ It is quite normal for a delay to happen with twitch drops at tennocon.
  12. I wouldn't go that far mate. I've got 4 of the new tenet weapons so far and think they're all great (I'm taking my time).
  13. Non binary washing machines are obviously the way to go.
  14. Ha! Then I'm screwed trying to find 43 virgins around where I live.
  15. True. However, meta is dictated by game design. You could have vastly different meta loadouts depending on the design of the mode. That would encourage experimentation which would be great. Players may then find things that work that can be taken to other parts of the game. Unfortunately, wf game design is usually just kill a hoarde of enemies as quick as possible, and that i would agree is limiting.
  16. I understand what you're saying, but players like those you describe are idiots, every game has them, unfortunately it's inescapable. I enjoy lots weapons many would consider pretty trash. For example, I have a very nice build on my dual heat swords that I'm using to farm tenet weapons. Hardly meta. I would always encourage players to experiment and try different stuff, I think that's healthy. But if we're talking about endgame, ie, the hardest content in the game, it should be expected your choices will be somewhat limited.
  17. Such is rng. Some like you will get lucky, others, like op, won't. As long as rng is core to the majority of wf, there's no way round it. The op will likely hit a hot streak, and you will hit a cold streak.
  18. But surely the hardest content should require the best gear?
  19. Oh, and q1 Should endgame content be a thing for new players to aim at? Do you mean something for new players to aspire to, or take part in? Absolutely, new players should "aim" or aspire to reach endgame, but absolutely not should new players be taking part in end game. Just not clear to me, but I admit I can be a doofus lol.
  20. I like these surveys. Are they going to be put to some bigger purpose though, like a dossier to de about what players think, or are they just for curiosities sake?
  21. I like these surveys. Are they going to be put to some bigger purpose though, like a dossier to de about what players think, or are they just for curiosities sake?
  22. Hey, don't ask me. DE sometimes take quite a while to fix stuff that looks straightforward, sometimes they're quick. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, just the way de are. Doesn't change the fact that 0% fall off looks fishy as f though. Should they fix it quick, yes, of course. But its tennocon literally tmrw. For once ill accept the excuse that they are actually busy right now. And fixing yarelli is different cos that drives plat sales. Fixing a tenet weapon does not affect their bottom line.
  23. I think any player who looks at that 0% fall off and thinks that's fine and not going to get changed is delusional. It looks like a clear oversight by de. It might take a while to fix cos of tennocon, or it could get fixed tmrw, no way of telling. But it will surely get fixed. I wouldn't even call it a nerf when it happens cos its such a blatant outlier when compared with similar weapons.
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