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  1. Vet here. When I was still digging my claws into the game, say, MR 0 to 10, I thought they were the best thing in the world. Passive resources as I powered through the game. I was intimidated by Hydroids and Nekroses in pubs for a long time, so I stayed away. At some point, with the right gear, I just felt right learning how to farm myself. When I started farming this and that, I felt (and still do feel) that actively farming large amounts of resources is more fun and productive than micromanaging small amounts of resources based off of real world timers.
  2. This was introduced in either the Nezha Prime Patch, or the Movember hotfix, but: Select Steel Path bounty from Mother, go to Deimos entrance (does not matter if solo, solo matchmaking, or premade group of 4), after the match start countdown, it drops the Steel Path modifier and becomes the lower level version of that bounty. I can no longer do Steel Path, at least on Deimos. 100% reproducible, at least from my Xbox One X. It was confusing my fellow MR 28's as well as me. Been consistent for at least 48+ hours now.
  3. Here's to hoping that they retroactively change the sword to glass instead of plastic.
  4. Please don't misuse tags. I think you tend to have a lot of false misconceptions in the Helminth system. I love it when the Helminth system changes up how you play the Warframe or how you build it. Anyone can slap on a Rhino's Roar or use the most DPS thing for a frame. If an overwhelming amount of things get replaced, i.e. Chroma's 1, Mesa's 1, they will consider changes. Considering how new the system is and how impactful it is to the game, let them make the necessary changes without borking it (again, MfD lol). There's only 1 mech at the mom
  5. Any possiblity of Oscira being usable on Acceltra? Of the 2, I like the Oscira skin more, but Acceltra is one of my favorites for a lot of loadouts.
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