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  1. I just used 4 Stalker Beacons, Leaf Red Research is active in Tenno Lab but it still didnt dropped once with its 100% DR. Does it need to be a natural spawn?
  2. Still 10 Loadout Slots missing, if you search for an Layout it still has a Blue overlay. Atterax is still a stick in Dojo
  3. Operator still keeps Warframe's momentum and pushes him in the direction even when Void Dashing in a different direction. First Slot of Loadout's still keeps the Blue Overlay from ''Buy Extra Mod Slots''.
  4. Volt's Animation after Speed Buffing is slower then normal Running
  5. Lights are fine for me, max preset 1440p. Decoration in Liset works fine aswell. BUT WE ARE MISSING 10 LOADOUT SLOTS!
  6. Didn't they raised the buyable extra slot from 20 to 30 in 25.6.0? Missing them again
  7. Yay, 30/20 Loadout Slots lol Intended?
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