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  1. Oh how to start, well i get it the lich isn't hard to kill, but at the moment i have other things i am focused on doing. That being said it is frustrating having rewards taken, yes i know it's only on controlled planets. When it's those planets i am doing stuff on it is aggravating, can you guy's not just allow if you click on regular mission for our stuff to NOT be taken?. One of the things that keeps me loving warframe is do it at your own pace, and honestly i do not feel like bothering with the lich at this time. But how things are at the moment i am forced to. and i have not even been playing due to this. Frustrated meter is off the roof, anyway this is my thoughts on it, i will keep checking in from time to time to see if things change but at this time i am just to blah about it thanks for the awesome times tho.
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