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  1. I think you are sort of making my point for me. The end of your Eidolon journey was just the beginning for some players. Everything you invested in it, that was their "starting line". *edit* used "there" instead of "their" lol
  2. That's fair, as there will always be people that enjoy things. I mean people are/were people still playing Anthem. How about without arcanes the amount of player interaction with the event would not have been high enough to justify the amount of time/money spent developing it.
  3. Come on, You max out your operator focus schools, you max out cetus rep and then quill rep, solaris united and then vox solaris, then you dump a ton of forma in archwing, weapons, and frames, then you have to learn the mechanics of a time gated fight. You don't see how people that put that much effort into the game might be just a bit miffed at their rewards being handed out like candy on halloween to anyone that can AFK in the corner? That's worse comedy than that Ghostbusters movie.
  4. Everyone needs to keep things in perspective. DE wants to make money. If you are an Eidolon hunter with 20,000+ plat stashed away from arcane sales, they do not care about you at all because they will never make money from you again. They have 0 consideration for you since if you were to quit the game right now it will have 0 impact on their bottom line. Same thing goes for all the taunters on this thread, they are moving Arcanes to Venom Orphix (or whatever it's called) because necramechs suck, the game mode sucks, and no one would have played the event if there were no arcane rewa
  5. The bug where the door doesn't open has been repeatedly reported and in great detail. There have been "fixes" for it. They know all about it. Also, expecting the player base to give highly detailed, professional level bug reports is completely silly. And compounding that silliness with "it doesn't exist because your perfect bug report doesn't exist" is bad comedy.
  6. I watch the dev streams and can tell you they have never mentioned Stadia once.
  7. I dunno. I like playing hide and seek with my 6 year old niece, even though she once tried to hide behind a lamp pole that was 2 inches thick. I don't understand how people can't wrap their minds around the idea that things that are easy to do can be enjoyable? People like watching sunsets, that's pretty easy as long as you have eyes. People like reading books, watching movies, complaining on the internet. You don't even need opposable thumbs to do any of those. I suggest changing your title to "Good difficulty is important to *me*".
  8. https://ca.movember.com/ Movember is a event that happens during November. Men are encouraged to grow mustaches to help raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health. I'm not sure what part of the world you live in but these are serious and often ignored by society in Canada (where DE lives). Keeping the mustaches in the game year around would remove their impact they are meant to have, as they would become disassociated with the event they are meant to raise awareness for.
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