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  1. So, I miss I few quest from last week, but do not fear, NW now have Catch-Up System! I get in game, but I do not see it... Oh, I have to do ALL QUEST IN THIS WEEK to unlock it? No way, this is stupid! If person do not have time to do all quest last week, now he must have EVEN MORE TIME to do this week challenges, just to unlock Catch-Up system? Who made this, do not think it through
  2. Hey When you fix that melee attack and operator switch off codex scanner, mining laser and fishing spear? It's INCREDIBLY annoying to to select them form gear again, and again, and again, after killing 1 infected charger!
  3. So... When this Hildryn "pay to win" crap stops and we can farm her?
  4. So... I don't like new sistem, that melee always in hand and I HAVE TO use combo which I DO NOT like, instead of QUICK MELEE which is good on my Tonbo! Also I want use scaner, melee say "Nope, use me instead!" This is annoying to switch constantly My main point is, Give Us Back Quick Melee!
  5. So... It's auto-login, except you don't login and it's not auto...
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