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  1. This mod was ALWAYS overpriced collectors item, so If you pay for it more then 10p, sad to be you. I can't wait the moment, when Baro bring Excal Prime parts)
  2. Assassination: some times timer is very low, because not enough enemies presents and you have to wait for them to arrive via drop-ship or go looking in different location, and some time it dose not give bonus, even if you manage to lure Commander in time. Capture: instant fail, because somewhere somehow some Grineer die, it need to be changed completely.
  3. How about buffing Railjack Armor and Damage? I try to kill this Grineer big ship 3 times, and I get hit like 5 times = hull breach, while I barely scratch it. I fix it, shoot 5 sec more - hull breach... This is awful !
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