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  1. Thanks for the fix! also, i found a VERY annoying bug related to helminth, i can't use it right away when i login, i have to wait like 10 mins or browse another arsenal menus in order to "unbug it", i can't interact with it at all, i can only change it's name but that doesn't solve the problem.
  2. Ok so, i've been playing with Lavos for some time now, and the only issues i've been experiencing with his passive are 2: a) His element combo resets after every cast, if u want to really damage enemies with his abilities u need to put a combined element in order to get the bonus said element gives to each faction (like corrosive for grineer), this is good, but the reset makes it really hard to keep up with the rythm of the missions. My suggestion for this is to get rid of the reset after every cast, so, if i make corrosive and then cast my 1, corrosive will stay after the cast so i can keep
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