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  1. or maybe your reading comprehension.. good to see tho that you have no issues. I am sure now that we know you have no problems, bugs or grievances... we can safely conclude that the issues other people have are sitting in front of the montor right? Thank you so much, i see the error in my ways now... /s
  2. so dieing because of damage spikes and other stuff that arent affected by the bubble are just things that i imagined - ok (FTR: i did 60/100 with Frost)
  3. Recommending Frost .. nice troll. The only frame which can do this without tilting the player is ('don't touch me'-specced) Gara. Frost is only bearable if you use bugged locations.. and that sais it all.... Even if you do fractures solo you ll still run into problems doing the exploiter orb - Out of the 6 attempts i made i only got to it once to be disconnected midway phase 2.. The fight itself seems fun but the matchmaking issues (yes using LFG!!!!) / bugs (door not opening, orb not spawning in d12) makes it a tedious endavour i have no patience for. For me it is either a) fix it or b) next time...
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