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  1. My issues with nightwave (just stating my impression and have no intention to discuss this in any way) : 1.) design of challenges each week: while i am all for the layout in theory, i have to say that i find it highly annoying to be forced to play a particular fixed set or specific challenges. I would prefer if the challenges - especially the daily ones - were less specific. Killing x enemies / completing x missions (no specifiers) - that was quite good, because no matter what you do you can get it done quickly and naturally while playing the game. Design of weekly and elite tasks can also be greatly improved - e.g. 5 completed sorties or 60 minute kuva was not a good choice. Better to make tasks a single sortie-ish (selectable alert) mission with a restriction to weapon type and partially beefed up enemies. Keep it simple! 2.) daily / weekly / elite - composition: From how i always understood the usage of daily/weekly is different in other games. Daily (casuals with a lot of time), weekly (casuals with less time) and elite ("hardcore" players) mission all cater to different players - I find it annoying that i 'have' to do all 3. It would IMO be better if there was more of a choice. Let me put it this way: why not accomodate different player types more and instead make some of the challenges a "either or". 3.) daily not beeing acutally daily: while this is surely a smaller issue i find it quite annoying the way these dailies 'rotate'. I would rather have either: actual new daily tasks every day or a selection of task of which i can pick some - for example you have a selection of 4-6 possible 'dailies' and i can choose to do up to 2 each day (best solution imho - can also be applied to 1.) and 2.) regarding weekly/elite). 4.) rewards - amount of reputation: while my problems stem mostly from me being partially burned out and having too little choice i find the grind of reputation a bit excessive. I am fully aware that there are many vocal opponents of this opinion but: It just takes too long. Sorry. Partially because of the points i lined out before, but also to have 40 levels - that is a bit excessive. Maybe let the length of the events take a hit and repeat it at a later time. 5.) rewards - selection of items: Maybe you could throw in a decoration (specifically for dojo) too... The (complete) selection however, is i think a bit 'bloated'. Some things cloud maybe be trimmed a bit or rolled in with other rewards. I would urge to mayb reduce it to 20 / 25 levels. Initially i found the amount of possible levels and rewards exciting - but now when i look at it i just see a tedious grind i want to have nothing to do with. Mayb reducing the amount of levels and rolling in rewards might be an option. 6.) the wolf: while i dont play as much atm, i have only seen the wolf ONCE. That he was taking almost no damage didnt help. Needless to say to the (pug) group moved on slightly frustrated. Maybe future encounters can be made more dynamic.
  2. my drops.. for science: 7500 Credits - 71 Grand Finale - 24 Display Glyph - 15 Lith C3 - 0 Meso T3 - 3 Neo K2 - 3 Axi C3 - 3 Nitain - 5 Oxium - 2 Cetus Wisp - 6 Ambulas Noggle - 1 Khora Delphi Helmet Blueprint - 1 Khora Warframe - 0 Nidus Warframe - 0 Rifle Riven - 0 Well at least i have enough displays now to uglify my dojo... well you could (technically speaking) argue for opportunity costs...
  3. 1. Insight in to the balancing (both parts and precepts) and design decisions regarding moas and how this could change in regards to companions 2.0? 2. We know that Orb Vallis will still have things to come like big spiders & flying sentients - are you planning other deeper content additions to Orb Vallis and will you share the status of revealed additions to Orb Vallis and Fortuna? 3. Will there be futher mission types in Orb Vallis (like pre-nerf: 'crazy corpus'-mode) and mini-missions (mayb named mini-bosses/spiders that don't keel over too quickly)? 4. Can we expect further improvements for k-drives (like damaging/running over enemies, opening crates, additional moves, ...)? 5. (Now that the dojo-contest is over..) Can we expect some new assets from the open world areas to be made available in the future? Can you announce any plans for other additions to dojos (room types) and clans (activities)?
  4. 0,5 or 0,05 % is still a chance. Regardless from that i agree - might have as well had 1k or 2k plat in there for good measure if only a handful of people are getting it... ^^ This will certainly be the last time i 'll visit twitch if rewards are not guaranteed.
  5. I agree. Even tho the 'drop chance'-thing was apparently the same on Cetus release, i did kind of expect something different (like you). Feels like a 'bait and switch' to me, but then again i understand why they did it this way. Still - it does leave a bad taste in my mouth..
  6. So far i have only gotten credits. I have to say when the twitch drops were announed i did not expect loot box mechanics. I had honestly thought there would have been some lessons learned after the past 'fk ups'...
  7. That's is BS and you know it. There is no precident to think the drops will be 'late'. Seeing as how things worked out last time we can safely assume those who havent got it by now NEVER will.
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